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  1. as i had exported my rig, i went into another project and found that everytime i had opened the rig, it was distorted, then looking in the folder that i placed th .miobject file into, it just showed absolutly no other assets except for this "default texture.png" file... the results are even more annoying. Also the project files theses rigs were made in were also corruptesorry i cant upload any more images
  2. Hello, I am wondering if mods and plugins can be created for mine imator to make mine imator a bit more easier to new beginners. I have some questions, 1. What program was mine Imator made from? 2. Will mine imator be able to be used with a VR headset? 3. How can people make plugins or mods for mine imator? If anyone knows about this please let me know. Thanks!
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