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  1. no no im not making like a titan that came out of aot or somethin just imaging steve's size but make it 2x bigger
  2. Hello mine imator forums me and my cousin @xXsentienXx are workin on somethin this is basically a 2 man rig xXsentientXx: weapons and other extrusions me:limbs or body parts this is rig is currently at 10% but we will finish it soon quote "my cousin said this idea of a rig was abbandoned before he even joined the forums and before i was born"
  3. hello im laminatiedshrim im the cousin of @xXsentienXx im new here and just started cus my cousin told me about this so i wanted to check it out also we draw concepts for me and my cousin's characters but im not a animator just yet cus im rly bad at it but ill improve overtime
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