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  1. TheNoobEditor

    How to make a cycle (preset)

    How do I make and save a cycle? For example, I'm making a few idle and talking cycle. But how do I save them so I can use them my other projects? EDIT: I just found out how to save the keyframes on a video.
  2. TheNoobEditor

    Scale XYZ problem

    haha thanks that was so simple
  3. TheNoobEditor

    Scale XYZ problem

    Having problem posting the image, but heres the link to the image Notice the scale is xyz. I can't independently move just ONE. Any ideas or help. I"m using CB btw.
  4. TheNoobEditor

    community build vs normal

    Hi guys. First I want to thank the creator for such an awesome, easy to use software! Second. Can you tell me if there is any major benefits to using community build vs the normal one?? I dont know but it looks like it renders a bit more like blender or the other programs. What I mean it looks more colorful or better??
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