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  1. Time Took: 35 Minutes Programs: Mine-Imator My Life: I don't know
  2. The Point is no saturation/darkness. That's the theme i tried to go with.
  3. Time Taken: 40 minuets? ish... Programs: Mine-imator, Photoshop.
  4. Alright I have to save, I might have walked into that one mate.
  5. Time: 30 minutes I don't know what i made, ok?
  6. I was bored. So why not.
  7. Amazing! Just might say that since you used the regular bow texture against the nice bottom. It looks ugly other then that still pretty good.
  8. Mario985

    -=Hybrid Sword=-

    Fancy name, yup pretty much... I couldn't think of a better name while i was being rushed by my computer resetting it's self.
  9. Mario985

    -=Hybrid Sword=-

    Giphy To see 360 around it. Download?
  10. Download it here To See the "3d" of the swords a bit more clearly before you download them check out this short video i made.
  11. It's a custom facial rig btw. I always use black text, it just doesn't fix that good with this one.
  12. Simple as the title says, I'm Now making anyone's skin a rig! Just message me on here and send me your skin and or minecraft username. I shall have it finished in under 2-3 days and will send you it back for you to use!
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