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Mine_imator Violet source code release

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Two years after the release of Mine_imator Violet, it still boasts some unique features, such as volume fog. Although I no longer maintain this project, I sincerely hope that future developers can draw some inspiration from it.

Recently, We've noticed that there are individuals trying to modify the original version of Mine_imator and add new features. We believe that our previous work can provide some insights for such endeavors, which is why I've decided to release the code on GitHub.

In fact, I had previously published the code on Gitee, a Chinese code hosting platform. However, it seems that posting code on Gitee is now subject to scrutiny and I've received feedback from friends in other countries that they can't access the site. Given these issues, I've chosen to migrate the code to GitHub.

Btw there have always been rumors floating around that Mine_imator Violet is malware or contains viruses. I want to clarify that these claims are utterly baseless. In reality, if you have experience in writing Python scripts which reads or modifies files (exactly what the mouth animation generator and Minecraft model importer do) and share it, it's likely to be flagged by antivirus software and websites. Please don't spread those rumors; it really gets me down. I have now published all the code on GitHub, and welcome everyone to review it. If you confused, you can compile it yourself and check for yourself.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment or raise an issue on the GitHub repository.


Mine-imator violet code

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