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Acting (controlling the player for certain results) and collision

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So there is this minecraft mod called the Blockbuster mod, and in it you can act out scenes and record them afterwords. I was wondering if there could be some way to "act" in Mine-imator. I believe it would be helpful for making natural looking movement easier and faster; though it would require some sort of collision. For example: I want someone to walk down a path and into a cave. I could click on the person and have an option to "Act." When acting, I could control the person as if I was in Minecraft and my movement would create key-frames. I could walk down the path and into the cave until I clicked "Stop Acting." SHIFT would make slow movement and CTRL would make quick movement or running. I don't know what would happen if there are key-frames already in the timeline ahead of the act.

Collision with objects could be an option one enables in objects you create. The "import terrain from Minecraft world" could automatically have collision turned on when created. If two objects have collision turned on, then they should have the inability to pass through eachother when they touch. Collision could also be turned on and off for different parts of the animation. If collision isn't possible, then acting will have to work differently. The person could be pulled down unless terrain or a block is below it (then it will stop) and temporarily pulled up when SPACE BAR is pressed. I don't know if terrain has the dynamics for that, but maybe it could be added?

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