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ECM (Extrude Character Model)

is a model that i made for my works. It's the first model i made finger rig and extrusion on all part (Except the body). And it look like this




- Auto 3D hat (Overlay only)

- Wrists

- Fingers

- Extrusion (Old method)


FRM (Facial Rig Model) FRM is the first time i make facial rig in Modelbench (Only eyes part and the rest are made in Mine Imator). I don't know what to talk about this rig. So, okay...




- Eye's edge color (Need to change the skin without eyes first)

- Bended eyebrows

- Lips (Color)

- Tongue




Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/clg3c4vc8q42h61/ECM_and_FRM.zip/file

(Don't need to credit it but don't claim as yours)

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