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agus punk

The Plains of South: Water.

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A fragment of a story of a boy with his adoptive grandfather. In this part of the story, Agus is going to take a bath in a small lake. But it is interrupted by an acquaintance. The story is told in Spanish. In case you don't know, I will put substitutes in English.

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pretty good for beginner, and also i will give you a tip to make your animation skill look more quality.

1. Go to setting, Render and set the SSAO radius to 4.85, SSAO power to 162, and SSAO Blur passes to 8, for the Shadows, set Sunlight, Spotlight, Pointlight to higher buffer size (if your              computer cant handle it, skip this step), set Shadow blur quality to medium, and set Shadow blur size to 10% (if you hate hard shadow, set Shadow blur size to 20% - 50%) and the Glow          and Glow falloff, set Glow radius to 130%, set Glow intensity to 122%, set falloff radius to 13%, and set falloff intensity to 87%, also about that Anti-aliasing set whatever you want.

2. Keep watching some MI tutorial like these, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWLnt-JoyA9TOKuen12Zv74z4lFvBUeCa                                                                             https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSpwFMmNl1Ct2eBYCi4dQZdKPyFD_Cll3

3. Keep making some wallpaper or animation to improve your animation skill and just dont be like me, i alway lazy to do that.

4. Try out the Camera effects.


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Phew i finally done typing this in just 20 minutes, i thought it was easy to give you a tip to make your animation skill quality..

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