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Hello,to who's reading this,I'm Turbo (A 14 year old male).

I've been using Mine-imator for 4 years and been improving ever since.Not only I use Mine-imator, I also been using blender for 2 years, and my skills are high.

I am a Modeller, Artist, Animator, Renderer, and Video Editor.


Thats all.

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I've been using M-I since I started animating and yet I haven't introduced myself here.

Greetings all. You can just call me Redd. I do everything for my channel, Gold Productions. Including, but not limited to: Animation, editing, uploading, etc. I'm doing a lot to make my work the best it can be in a short amount of time. I used to finish an animation every 2-3 weeks, but lately I simply couldn't keep up properly with the amount of stuff I do. I sometimes wonder how I even have time to animate at all.

Anyways I've made some cool stuff like Blues of War S1 and S2 (second season still being worked on as of posting), a few collabs, and Cabbage Island 1-2 (C-I 3 still coming). Thanks for reading my very late introduction, and have a good one!

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Hello! I've been using Mine-Imator since around 2014-2015, took a break around the pandemic and now I'm back.

I used to have an account here named Shadow. I go by Dom nowadays.

I'm a bit rusty on how things work, so bear with me. I hope to interact meet new people or even talk to old people I once knew.

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Hi, I'm Interlaced

I've been playing Minecraft since the 1.15 update (about 5 years as of this post) and I've just started animating using Mine-Imator! I really like music especially by Rival and Cadmium and just any sort of Hip-Hop/Rap Genre of music. I'm hoping to slowly get better at Mine-Imator because I'm pretty bad at it right now but hopefully that will change. I love playing Minecraft and Roblox and sometimes things like Terraria and Rocket League. 

That's pretty much it!




Oh and i like to program in Python, Javascript, and c#

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