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Found 6 results

  1. Hello again! Today i made sum random wallpapers and stuff just look at them More Ships Version One Ship Version Info The more ships version may look worse cause my laptop has began lagging Hope you liked this stuff u can download it if u want or whatever
  2. Hello mates , My name is captain Holes , they call me that since I survived 8 bullets to my back ( but I still have the holes there ) ( Im so sorry about the fog , I used it to cover up the edge of the water since it looked as nether but the nether is as real as you and me hehahahahahahaha ) This is an upcoming series ... ( the Halloween series is canceled ! It was such a big project and I was the only one animating so I canceled ) but now this is a nice series that will not be animated until I have atleast a team of 5 people ! so if your good with cinema 4D just email me : edwinanimates@outlook.com
  3. I made another pirate video! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SPOu0IFbLPQ My old pirate video is a disgrace and I will therefore take it down... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SPOu0IFbLPQ
  4. I need voice actors for my parts which are (as of now) : Steve- (Nice, smooth voice) Captain Brine- (crackly pirate voice) Captain Brines dark side(Herobrine)- (deep, but smooth, like steve's.) Dockhand- (nice, almost young voice) Shopkeep- (normal, sorta deep.) Crew members- (I need a lot of people for these or I may take a few people that are good at making many voices. The voices are usually normal people's voices) Captain Block- (same as Captain Brine but a lighter voice or tone.) I also need someone to do sound effects. I will take anyone into extreme consideration so please try. Send your voice, your wanted role, and be sure to be active. The animation may take a while, as well, and I will take runner-ups in case the other actor can't make it. Be sure to send in your name as well to put in the credits. You can send me your voice here or by email at goosepk@icloud.com. You will be contacted via email if you qualify. When the animation is finished, I will send it in one by one to each actor playing each role. You will voice act it however you want. I will send a script with what you should say and how you should say it or with what tone. There will be a time on it for when you should say it. When one actor is done, they should send the video back in to me and I will send it to the next person. The sound effects person should do the same. But basically do the sounds as you see fit, and I will put effects you may not see in the script. Thanks for your consideration and time. Have fun and please try out. Help out schematics and resources at
  5. So yeah.. I was bored and suddenly wanted to record this.. It didn't turned out to be bad though Hope you like it.. let me know what you think. --> https://soundcloud.com/minerocker-animations/pirates-of-the-caribbean-main-theme-acoustic-cover-minerocker <-- Oh.. you can also suggest me another theme song of a game or movie
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