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Found 13 results

  1. Credits: Ahmed(in Discord) made Nightmare la Niña and Cupcake, along with the hallway. It's private, and made for our team(no, it's not Phyre Production)
  2. I am back! With more adventure animatronic rigs! Including: Freddie F0xy Ch1ca Withered Ch1ca Withered Bunny Pictures! Leave which animatronic you want next! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y4ww480hc6xfxef/Adventure_Animatronics_Pack_1_by_Supah.exe.rar
  3. Here I will post all my fad 2 Rigs, not wallpapers, but rigs, that will mean, i will still make different fad Topics for wallpapers, but the rigs, are here, if you want the rigs, you can follow to see the new rigs, I'm making this so I got all the rigs in one place, and so the fad haters don't need to see lots of fad topic from me Edit: NOT GIVING OUT THE RIGS ANYMORE AIGHT? it's that basic. Here's the rigs you can choose from. Toy Mike Reference: Toy la Niña Reference: Toy Clyde Reference: Withered Clyde Reference: The Puppet Reference:
  4. I did something for @IAmOnlyMasada's Puppet collab. The result... CREDITS: The Puppet: @IAmOnlyMasada Toy Animatronics: @Darl Scenery: @Einshine Fan Animation: @KingHerobrine876 Music: Scott Cawthon Voices: @KingHerobrine876 fad Franchise: Scott Cawthon Sound effects are not mine and belong to their respective owners. Enjoy the animation, and yes, every bit of it is completely intentional.
  5. Hello! At long last I've jumped right into Mine-imating! So some people were giving grief about my Moustache Rig, and I took someone's advice on how to make better rigs (Thank you, Matis1299 ) Download Link: Hosted by Mediafire
  6. Hey, all! Here's well, technically my first rig, not of an animatronic or anything, but a simple scenery item made for my new animation coming soon. This wasn't necessarily a hard thing to make, so I don't expect a lot of praise, not that I would anyway, however the hardest part was probably the preperation. I will note that the rig does not include the player. Download should be up when I figure out how to use this forum.
  7. I ported all the characters from fad to C4D, they're not identical because the rig is modeled by a fan (I6NIS). I have all 4 (excluding GFreddy, you can just change the skin to la Niña's and remove the pupils) They've all been ported by me, so if you can, credit me and I6NIS, thanks Mike Clyde la Niña Francisco Pizzaro Here is a gif I made with Mike's rig (I kinda got lazy at the end): Now let's wait till I6NIS models the fad2 characters >: D
  9. Now that i have made wallpapers for the new animatronics what should i make for the old once? if you have any suggestion i'll like to hear them ... or read them, cause, well, i can't really hear you talk soooo... Hope everyone liked this one check out my other if you want ^^
  10. I remade the poster from fad 2!! take a look! This is from the game fad 2, that most likely everyone knows about, since its been the cash making machine on youtube. Anyways, hope everyone likes it
  11. fad... That one horror game that all had us going to the bathroom after checking pirate cove to find out that SOMETHING has moved into the hallway, and has suddenly moved infront of you to well... I'm not shure. Suggestion: Multiplayer I would love to play as one of the animatronics. Heres how it would work: you have a limited amount of battery, Every time you move you're battery is set down to zero, and it has to recharge, It takes a full battery in order to move into the next room. You're objective would to be : Get the security guard! Mini Rant: Omg Clyde has eyebrows now
  12. I see MANY.....MANY people doing this, so i thought i would take a jab at it. If you like it do this: Beyuh!
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