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Found 5 results

  1. Hi i need a little help in my animation I need someone to do a voice over as a villager. Im making a animation like element animations makes so I need a sound like that i cant pay anything sorry but ya if you can just message me on discord my username is Mineplex#0001.
  2. https://www.castingcall.club/projects/birth-of-legends heres the link
  3. Main characters Ares Skeleton king (Twin) Deep voice, Male no accent "The other kingdoms are unreliable, they cant be trusted." "You don't care for the clan, only the power that comes with ruling it." Damian Skeleton king (Twin) Male "You don't deserve the throne, that's why I was chosen." "Assassins, GET DOWN" Character #3 Assassin Female voice "Take them ALIVE." "He got away, we still have her." Character #4 Assassin Male voice "No sir." "To say the least, they wont be fighting over the throne any more." Assassin Leader Deep voice, Male "Mission failed." "They saw your face, your on your own now." Character #6 Client (Big part) Male voice, Any accent (or none) "Was your mission a success?" "What happened." Character #7 Assassin "Lets blame it on the rookie." "He's as good as dead anyway, they're gonna recognize him." Hunter Human king "I'm sure you're all curious why you're here." "I can't tell you why, but I guarantee its for your protection." Thanatos Enderman King "How do we know we can trust you." "Wouldn't it have been better had you not gathered all the supposed targets in one room." Send me audio clip and character name if interested please
  4. Hey guys my name is kyle and i run a youtube channel i want to make roleplays that are successful but i need builders i was working on this with 2 of my friends the only problem is we are not making that much progress we built a school but not the town because like i said we need builders it took us a couple of months just to build that one school which still isn't finished yet we are just 3 people just a little help would save us lots of time Put your skype down below if interested If you aren't interested dont comment down below you can if you want to but there is really no point in commenting thanks for your time :] If you dont wanna build V images of what we have done so far V
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