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  1. Alessa

    new series, need animators

    The themes still a work in progress, I'm not sure of it so it might change in the future
  2. Alessa

    new series, need animators

    Sorry I took so long replying their are 4 main characters which are clan leaders Herobrines daughter The skeleton twins (kings) The human king Enderman prince Multiple people will be working on this project so some would be working on camera angle, others would be riggers, and some making schematics, as well as animators, its a more serious than comedic animation series You would be animating multiple fight scenes, its like an action movie, as well as some assassinations, etc.
  3. Alessa

    new series, need animators

    well the series is kindof like a war between multiple species/ humanized mobs in clans/ any other questions, pm me
  4. new youtube series coming out, serious animation need animators, riggers, and voice actors Basically like an action adventure series, the people are all separated into clans by affiliation, skeletons, ender man, etc. the leaders of the clans are hybrids and direct descendants of mobs.Two rulers are twin brothers fighting for the throne and discussing an alliance with the other clans, assassins break in and people are killed leading to chaos amongst the clans.
  5. Alessa

    Animators needed for series

    srry I took so long to reply, if youre still interested that would be great
  6. Working on an animated series , need voice actors, animators , and someone that can work the camera message me for details.
  7. k thnx, ill get back to you with a better one but it might take a while
  8. Heres a small example of what I can do In 10 minutes
  9. heres the link
  10. Main characters Ares Skeleton king (Twin) Deep voice, Male no accent "The other kingdoms are unreliable, they cant be trusted." "You don't care for the clan, only the power that comes with ruling it." Damian Skeleton king (Twin) Male "You don't deserve the throne, that's why I was chosen." "Assassins, GET DOWN" Character #3 Assassin Female voice "Take them ALIVE." "He got away, we still have her." Character #4 Assassin Male voice "No sir." "To say the least, they wont be fighting over the throne any more." Assassin Leader Deep voice, Male "Mission failed." "They saw your face, your on your own now." Character #6 Client (Big part) Male voice, Any accent (or none) "Was your mission a success?" "What happened." Character #7 Assassin "Lets blame it on the rookie." "He's as good as dead anyway, they're gonna recognize him." Hunter Human king "I'm sure you're all curious why you're here." "I can't tell you why, but I guarantee its for your protection." Thanatos Enderman King "How do we know we can trust you." "Wouldn't it have been better had you not gathered all the supposed targets in one room." Send me audio clip and character name if interested please
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