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Found 9 results

  1. - ---==========================================================================--- - I took one long look at this 3DMG, and admitted to myself that it was pretty crappy, and a horrible representation of the anime's version. So I went back and took out the weird schematic fueled wires, remodeled the entire thing, and came up with a new way of wire shooting (Examples below). Now I think it looks pretty darn good, and follows the original much better (Though I am still missing a lot of smaller details that cant be added due to Mineimator's limitations). The reason I made a new topic, is because after searching for my old one multiple times nothing came up, so I just decided to redo it. - ---=================================== Pictures ======================================--- - - ---=================================== Old Pictures ======================================--- - 3DMG examples (Made before the rig, but uses the same wire system as it. Reason for lack of arms being for ease of animating.) Now, I'm not going to lie to you, I acheived this wire effect by using HitFilm 4, it requires decent video editing skills, and the wire on the Rig is only a single block that's resized (Also, it's rotation isn't affected by the rest of the rig, this will come in handy, I swear. If you want more information just contact me). Further Help Changelog Complete remodel, what more do you want? Skin Template http://i.imgur.com/fRdd6Ub.png - ---==========================================================================--- - Comes with Running and simple blade reload animation. (Download me! V2 has major bugs!) V2.1: https://www.mediafire.com/?3g5e7dxo3bbz67b V2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/256asejmud0uth0/3DMGRig.zip V1: http://adf.ly/1IhRAb V1.5: http://adf.ly/1Ip8MH CREDIT RULES: I'd prefer it if you credited me, but I won't really mind if you don't.
  2. Sorry it took me so long! Everytime I was about to upload it, another one of my computers broke! Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8ps2qt3ur75vuve/Logan+McCroan+V.3.zip
  3. Based of a world I am doing with my sisters. I decided to make a cool wallpaper for our Xbox 360 Background (We play on Xbox) The skins also relate to the skins we use.
  4. I've never sent so many Crash reports in my entire life 5:31:40 PM Action: action_tl_extend 5:31:41 PM Action: action_tl_extend 5:31:43 PM Action: action_tl_extend 5:31:44 PM Action: action_tl_select 5:31:47 PM Action: action_tl_parent 5:31:59 PM Action: action_tl_select_single 5:32:09 PM Action: action_tl_extend 5:32:11 PM Action: action_tl_extend 5:32:12 PM Action: action_tl_select Then it crashed
  5. Sooo this is a wallpaper I made for my three closest forums friends to show my appreciation to them. (Now, don't you get jelly if you're not in this wallpaper, you may still be in my Best Friends/BFFs/Awesome People list, which I'm working on.) (The reason I did a different font for everyone is because I wanted them to have their choice of the font their name was in.) Fonts Used (All from dafont.com) AwesomeShah: A Bit Empty Akmal Zonia: Riesling New Year's Endergirl (Me): Snacker Comic Randomgal9050: Cheri
  6. So that Evolution wallpaper turned out into a comic series... wut. Part 1: Part 2:
  7. As I said in a previous post, we need a new stooge. Here are the nominees: Epic.Endergirl19- 6 votes IcovGaming- 0 votes MCWarrior- 4 votes I will only choose one. Vote up at the voting area to see who you want to be the stooge! -Stooge
  8. In the year 2078, another meteor strikes in Russia, and the Russians decide that the meteor was a missile and strike back on America. The third world war has begun. Many people died, and there were few survivors. Who will die? (Note: Not Minecraft based.) FORM: Name: Age: Weapon: Russian or American: Moderators of this post are: threestooges JccYouStudios Epic.Endergirl19 TheSpiderRider Ayhay Show items: 1 Rifle 34 Ammo McDonalds BigMac My Form: Name: Jonathan Jack (J.J.) Marker Age: 18 Weapon: Glock .44 Russian or American: American. HAVE FUN! J.J: Oh my god what's going on! Mom of JJ: It's just an earthqu- *Bomb explodes next to house and blasts JJ and his mom to the wall* JJ: MOM! Mom: Just go. I'll be fine. *JJ runs to nearest place which is a 711.*
  9. It's an animation where three zombies try to kill Steve. Made this a while back when arm bending was implemented. It features stereo sound, 1080p quality, and a very crappy animation. Enjoy. Or I'll shoot you...
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