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Found 6 results

  1. Oblivion rig generation 6.0 is here New improvements, new tweaks! Oblivion got a rehaul with the 6.0 update, giving him bendable extrusions, fixed controls on the face, brand new fingers that don't stretch, but still retain their proportional lengths and finally (and most importantly), 15 Different rig varieties (one of them being a placeholder, but you could also use it as a bald character). It's not as simple as just importing and animating with the rig, as the bendable extrusions make it too laggy; that's why there's a placeholder rig included, which you use to animate and copy the keyframes over to the actual rig. More about that in the YouTube video. YouTube video: Some Images during the production: Changes: Updates since release: Edit: added the update list ~ Stay Sharp
  2. Hello! I am xTra, I had made a previous topic about these features that should be added.. But I am updating it. My first feature that I would like to have in Mine-Imator is Onion Skinning <> (See comments and ctrl f and search xtra, My comment explaining.. then his reply clearing it up) Click here to visit the link <> I think if this was a button we could enable and disable to make characters become stiff, or rather not be able to go through stuff, I think it could prove easier to animate body parts, like being smashed into the ground or walking- so it seems more realistic.
  3. Oblivion's Trident Oblivion rig made by me Trident rig made by Fryzzle the Pork This image was entirely created with Mine-Imator and Adobe Photoshop
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