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Found 23 results

  1. Screenshots RIG: Pose: Swords: If my channel subscribers will dial 2000, I will upload it ;3 (Or we can agree)
  2. Because for Soviet Union! Movable parts. DOWNLOAD
  3. Functional rig. Motor function: - Jaw - Folds paws - Nose - Ears etc. Screenshots: DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/download/mmhaxhhbqct7bqr/Werewolf+-+black+wolf+RIG+by+PhantomRU.rar Please, read "readme" to avoid problems)
  4. Shot from the future of animation.
  5. What better to do? The program - Adobe After effects. 1 - no postprocessing 2 - with
  6. Other frames: Subscribe to my channel and you're the first to see this animation. ;3
  7. Shot from the future of animation. Without rendering, no effects, just a frame.
  8. Just screenshot scenery of animation) Other:
  9. And the trailer of the future project. Subscribe, wait and see ;3 P.S. This is only a piece of the finished animation. Do not take it seriously, I would not call it a trailer, just part of a future project. This video is not a spoiler.
  10. Yeah... This animation training... Why? Because i can. In the description there are 2 different versions.
  11. And... It's... WEREWOLF!! Why? I don't know... Or "pygmean wolf", or "Cube Wolf" It has all the bends. Speedrig - soon. Download? I need to think still, sorry...
  12. I played once with the keys. Keys is tired and they tore the body to some NPCs take
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