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Found 15 results

  1. People that are inlcuded/featured in this group render is: @niam He is bored to wait till Aaron done posing. @FOXY TOONS FT ask Ilham why is his face is so flat. @LacaMenDRY He frustrated. @Fox Miner Done posing and he is ready. @CanIIA Looking at FM positive energy. @animation dude 888@kazooha Waiting to be (Photo) Idk what in English. @Jeo_Swift Looking at FM strangely. @tutibrave Pointing at falling objects. Plus somebody falls from a breaking platform. My Wifi is so sloW as f! to tag them all in the loading is taking me 65 million years. Enjoy the Render Wearoners!
  2. Thank You for Developing Mine-Imator till 2.0, And yet Nimi Leaves the MI Development after 2.0, And Hopes he still good out there. .|Making this render with Completed Assets|.
  3. Hello there! The Mine-Imator Scientist is here! After a months of Research, Trials and Errors, Testing, I can finally collected an alternative way to create a Reflections Effects. In these spoilers, I put one by one of each spoilers a Hand Drawn Technic for creating a Reflections Effects From Simple, Into Fantastic Looking Effects. And the last thing is this: Diffuse Texture: Diffuse Texture Uses Duplicated Objects, Camera Effects, Object Textures, And etc. This can be done with playing around the Bloom Settings, And The 3 Point lights of each 3 Reflections. Full Videos about these Methods: At the End My Goal is Finally Finished. Facts!: I took too long to Collect All of my Reflection Researchs to Put it in All in one Videos, and then Post it On this Forum, It takes almost 1 Year to Collect all of this Methods idea. The Mine-Imator with Reflections is Already Exist, Code by @V.Isaac, But The Reflections Is Full of Bugs, But It is the First Try, Maybe Might Better on the Next Try. I am LacaMenDRY, The Mine-Imator Scientist, And Like Always. STAY CREATIVE! LacaMenDRY Render By: @FOXY TOONS
  4. Welcome Users! It's Me! LacaMenDRY. Today I'm going to show you guys about my RTX Effects on Mine-Imator. Well How I get it? Well I get it from My future version of myself 2027. I give myself a Mine-Imator 1.5.6 Versions to my presents version. After that,I tried some Renders,And What makes me Satisfied is This! Nah Just Kidding. It's My self from present days. I Actually Boring,and dono what todo so I trying A Random stuff,And here I got it. RTX Versions: Well I'm Serious. This was On Mine-Imator. Not Blender. How cool is that? Just imagine if MI get better,and better,What would it looks like? BTW here it is: I hope you guys Enjoyed,And Inspired you to make more renders. You Know? Just STAY CREATIVE!
  5. Story Behind the Scenes(FICTIONAL): In 2032,LacaMenDRY A.K.A Mohd Ilham Akbar was very happy to see his new PC Set up,after 10 Years of Suffering while using A Wonderful Legends Potato Laptop in that time. Ilham Finally can buy his Dreamed PC from his YouTube Channel Named:LacaMenDRY when in that time LMD Subscribers was almost 4M Subscribers,And the reason why He buy a new PC in 2032,Is because this STORY IS FICTIONAL,so after that,He set Up A Camera then what the camera capture is This Render: And yes there are no Good Lighting,because My Face start goes glitching,when I use Glow Edges. I am not using the Render depth feature on my Face Rigs,I still using the Traditional Methods.
  6. So This Is V That I Change Into LacaMenDRY RIG. Making Process: 5+ Hours Just like before. so here it is: and Like Always. stay Creative!
  7. Showcase All Of My Rigs. SAOMR. Disclaimer! I recomended You To Turn Off Night Mode,So You'll see the Actual Colors of this Image.Well Here's Is All Of My RIGS That I ever created: Who is in Here? Well here it is:Syarah,Adril,Ilham AKA LacaMenDRY,Akmal,Sadam,Arif,Syawindri. that was the list of the character that are in this Picture. I am using a combination Between RedOrange,And BluCyan.So What do ya Guys Think? Good,Nice,Awesome,Fantastic,Amazing?
  8. This Model I made with 3 Sphere,1 Cube,And 3 Cylinder. This among us model idea was originally by my self,thinking about the shape of the among us character to make it more smooth. Btw this is a test Image. lets take a look: Among Us Smooth Shape MI Version Originally Idea By:LacaMenDRY. Hope learn something new,And Like Always. Stay Sharp. btw I take it from Sharpwing slogan. bye.
  9. LacaMenDRY


    Hi Guys. This is Your Daily Dose Of Internet. Ugrhhmm Just Kidding. Okay so. Do you Guys,Know about Drone? Of course Yes! BTW THIS IS MY WORK OF CYBERDRONE! Watch The Video First! Then Subs If want. And Then Of course The LINK RIGHT? http://www.mediafire.com/file/pl6bnefzkuwoc92/file VOTE. Bye.
  10. Hey Guys. If you Watch my past video,You might tink that my video are being blocked by Disney. so Here is the video that I Make it Not Public. so Just people that got the link will be able to watch it. I just don't know why Disney Blocked My Video. But The Other Video is not. So Here's the link. AND I SHARE MY VIDEO FOR MOTIVATE MY ANIMATIONS SKILLS. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN RIGHT. Give This Topic An Upvote,So My New Update Video Will Be Show Up In The Showcase Tab. Thanks.
  11. Hey Guys! This video is Made By Me With Mine-Imator Software. And this what Happen If I Use Mine-Imator: Please Give A Upvote For Motivating me to make more video like this.. Thank You. And yeah. If you can't open the video, My video are Being blocked by Disney. I just don't know why They just blocked my video? LUL. Here's my New Link Video. I hope this video Doesn't Get Blocked By DINSEY. I just don't understand why They Blocked my Video, But Other Video Is Not? Btw Subscribe To My Channel.
  12. This Is A RIG Of Iron Man Mark 42 Skin. I added with some detail. Thanks For Read This. -----LacaMenDRY------
  13. This animation preset I made with learned on youtube,But this is not a copyright. Well if you want to see my Youtube Channel:LacaMenDRY. Just Type that name/Copy it. READ THIS:if you want a more realistic movement,you can also make a little animation. It's not that hard to make it,just choose how long you walk,and then make a up,and down body while the character walking. just like in real life. you will not see,or never see people who just walking straight to the front where the person want to,without any special movement. you know what i mean? ok so I want you to walk on your house,just a couple minute's,and then you will Realize that your body is go up,and down. Now You Know What I mean Right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC-Yd4LZe74&feature=youtu.be Well The Download Link Is Here:http://www.mediafire.com/file/mn2ff3fi3vivpgb/Walk_Cycle.miframes/file Please Notify Me if I have a mistake on the Animation,or something else. Sorry For The English Language.
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