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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwkFE8HRyv4
  2. I'm really excited to announce that my 'Improved FNAF Modelpack' is now available for everyone to download! Hope you's enjoy the new Modelpack! Link to the 'Improved FNAF Modelpack' Download: https://h4ppip33p.carrd.co/#improved-fnaf-modelpack Enjoy!
  3. Modelo MXES v1 para meu imator Tenho muitos modelos que queria postar, e tentarei disponibilizar todos ao público download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/lfg8qm7adbox1nf/MXESzip/file
  4. bonnie model by @anima cryses im not really active on here anymore so have this render i made recently
  5. Glamrock Bonnie from fnaf security breach Ruin
  6. -Afton Robotics is not responsible for your child going missing, that is your fault not ours, we are also aware of the rumors and we not responsible for kidnapping decapitation or death, please under stand that your safety is our up most importants have a fazuriffic day. Chocolate Bonnie:https://imgur.com/2TdoUux Cookie Chica:https://imgur.com/QhOYgrM Geode Freddy:https://imgur.com/uIGTc1I RedBear:https://imgur.com/Ejwq7ZM Radioactive Foxy:https://imgur.com/Nju81qo -Afton Robotics Afton Robotics will not be selling this bundle until the special afton delivery is being sold here the link to the delivery have a fazuriffic day
  7. DOWNLOAD RIG: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vybt3hzpgu45ya3/INTO+THE+PIT+MINE+IAMTOR.rar/file
  8. Five Nights at Hanwil's 5th anniversary is here! and The special part: My minecraft skin is revealed! You can read post on Game Jolt here.
  9. that's all, that's all this render but I think I'll keep making renders to be able to improve the lighting, well, I hope you like the render can you also give me some rendering tips to improve the image quality
  10. Im not posting for a long time so this is my new render Map by AhmedAAK Rig by Ilham this is my improve of render
  11. Venny, Chika and Roxanne found Gregory. If Gregory doesn't call Freddy... Gregory: Freddy, I need your help! Venny, Chika and Roxanne snatched me aside! Freddy: Don't worry buddy I'm coming! part 2?... PNG VERSION:
  12. Hello! These are some TJOC models i made, it's my favorite (besides JR'S) FNaF fangame, and i just really wanted to do models from the game, so here you go. I put all the effort i could into them, so i hope you enjoy using them! THE IGNITEDS: Freddy Bonnie Chica Foxy Golden Freddy THE FALLEN: Endo "B" Angel Endo "R" Blue Endo "C" Mouth Endo "F" Red CREATION: Creation ENDO: R: no wires/L: wires MEMORIES: BEDROOM: The Popgoes easter egg was replaced by the logo of a fangame named SOUPBOWL, made by Swooplezz. You can find it on Gamejolt:https://gamejolt.com/games/Soupbowl/708819 Only the bedroom is finished so far. Though i plan on making all of the other memories. Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/eu4khiaq72wieo3/TJOC_Models.zip/file
  13. man i haven't used mine imator for so long.. but i'm alive time for credits: fox girl by: @Fox Miner(thanks man) withered freddy by: ENDERLIGHT(yup that's right i have them ) facial rig by @SoundsDotZip(on me) map by @ShotU(and someone else but i don't remember sorry) as always rate it from 1 out 10 from now on i will rate myself 1 = not so proud(probably trash) and 10 = i'm so proud of it my rate is like 6,25 out of 10 it was meant to be also a teaser for my animation that me and her got teleported to fnaf stay tuned k?
  14. i might be a little late but Happy 8th anniversary Fnaf!! wowzers, 8 years i cannot believe fnaf is 8 years old now, ive sadly havent been with this game since the start but i have been in the fnaf fandom for a couple years now. security breach may have not been the best, but hopefully the movie can make up for it. but seriously, i love this game to BITS Animatronics by @ShotU, map by @JasmineChimes
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