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  1. Zyn

    FNaF 1 Pack

    Ok, so this took me HOURS to make, but somehow i managed to do them in time and Bonnie still needs some work on the head to be accurate to Trainguys model but I will do that later sometime. Always credit me and Trainguy for the original design. (Foxy is my own design since he didnt make a Foxy) If you wanna edit or do something with these models ask for permission first. (except for renders and animations lol) Happy 7th anniversary FNaF! DOWNLOAD
  2. !! If you don't like FNAF, this is the best time to leave now. !! Otherwise, enjoy my old pictures. Couple days ago, I decided to look through my old Discord DMs from years ago, just to have them good old memories refreshed back In my mind once again, even the cringiest moments. As you can see from the Title of this post, I managed to find some of my Old Pictures, and I wanted to show y'all what I managed to find. Keep in mind these were from years ago, so I was a fan of FNAF at the time. Why I wanted to show y'all my pictures Is because I want everyone, and myself,
  3. I did a toy template in MB: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aebzpvg1hmfdty3/Sammy%27s_Toy_V.1_Templet.zip/file Vid: I hope u liked it
  4. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/pohanmu1sihjjc5/Sammy%27s_Normal_Jaw_Template_V.2_FIXED.zip/file Vid: And funny pic Contact me if there are any bugs.
  5. This is a model I made trying to get better at ModelBench... I think I did ok... Here is what it looks like in ModelBench... Please let me know what you think... (Please)
  6. WHY IS EVERYTHING MADE BY ME?!?! (Cuz nobody gives me anything) Btw if ya want any of the rigs I make.... Just ask and ill most likely give them to you... (But I doubt anybody would want them anyway)
  7. Base of the texture by BlueNotFound404 and Scotty_NMS, bonnie animation mine imator (he dont have twitter account: bonnie animation mine imator) helped me with the model and MercuryMercM and JayHnt gave me some tips for MB. thx everyone who helped. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p4olha94fxtsyew/Normal_Jaw_Template_by_SammyAnimations.zip/file When downloaded read the "read this.txt". Thx for the attention.
  8. just a little model https://imgur.com/po9NI24 Download
  9. Check my video! please subscribe my channel and like my video!
  10. A good looking render, but something is not right. So, who made the Senko model? The answer is . . . Ya boi made it! @FOXY TOONS. And of coarse i made Mr.Afton. Want a Knife?
  11. I made a springbonnie model! This model is based on my springtrap model. picture: https://imgur.com/a/qMkfSkI download file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kzVsL5SNJpIk88n4NEyB-S3J19scI7QF/view?usp=sharing texture: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10_JTIqIUBKy9ilzltvd4Zkppi7cgnw3l/view?usp=sharing If you use this model, reply me.
  12. Withered bonnie by @Rmarcell124 and design by trainguy
  13. what if fnf + fnaf freddy and chica models and map by @far.bod.2 bf and gf model by @WECLEY(the models are inside the chica and freddy even though you cant even see them lol)
  14. Thank you Scott. I Hope you have a good time with your family. Fnaf Models by @ShotU i made this because scott is retiring sadly, go watch a video on it to know what happened he retired because of all the death threats and toxicity he's been getting, and because he was probably planning to
  16. credit to @Zyn for making the springtrap model and @ShotU for making the map
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