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Found 22 results

  1. This SCP this time not Fnaf And yes I am getting better at making Animation
  2. @9redwoods for his rig. @Phyre for giving me some tips on this wallpaper. The inspiration of this wallpaper is from EnchantedMob, from the first seconds of a scene in "Judgement". Constructive criticism is always welcome, and I know, thy vital thingy isn't perfect. But hey, no one's perfect. It's kind of soothing to see this, by my opinion... Edit: Fixed the AA, made some lighting tests, and somehow, thy particle creator launched alot of particles
  3. i saw that quote on the Michael Reeves banner and said, yeah i'll take that.
  4. Here's an animation i made from my supernatural collaboration entry. While making the collab, a story pop out of my mind. I thought it's worth giving it a shot. I used all the tips and advice everyone had given me from my past animations. Hopefully you guys would like it, i really enjoyed making it for the past 2 weeks. I'll be expecting you guys to give out some more tips and advice like last time, it really helped me a lot. Apology and excuses for the lack of scenery, my potato laptop has no graphics card and It lags when i added a big scenery.
  5. yay I new pic made including microphone and stage made by me the skin I found at last notice and the name was doc's ideal which was nice. so leave a comment and +1 if you really like it
  6. hey! i was wondering if anyone could make a model with textures of a modern child male and female versions for a screenshot i am planning on making and posting on steam. if you can do this please do so and make bodygroups on each shild model so i can have a variety and a hat and backwands hat for bonemerging on to the boy. thanks and if you wanna add somthing else feel free. ~steve
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