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  1. Prepare for war...
  2. She begin to trust him Feat. Sharpwind
  3. Once you enter the Void. there is no turning back Only hope can safe you from her...
  4. She is the last children of ancient gods among the stars
  5. Just wanted to make something quick to test out the pre-release, and to put my building and lighting skills to the test.
  6. just like with earlier rate it from 1 to 10 crucifixes, radio, candle and flashlight by @Fox Miner(i'm beta tester[thanks man]) ghost model by me facial rig by @SoundsDotZip
  7. It's kinda cold out there too!
  8. wifi was down, so i opened MI and went crazy i guess. hope you guys enjoy, see you next year or something. unedited: programs used: Mine-Imator, Clip Studio Paint
  9. Hello! ? My suggestion is add the possiblity of change the scale of interface. In computers with 4k resolution, the interface is very small. This option is very important for the whole community can use Mine-imator. Mine-imator 4k resolution:
  10. This render was made for my most recent minecraft map. Tried going for the look Mojang uses when creating their trailers and images for their website. This map is available to play and download on my website along with this render being present on the map page. Accidently posted this in random test animations. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: This render was made over a year ago and the map was used in my other render called "Lit Caverns (4K)." Click here if you wanna see the page for the map
  11. Hi! Long time no see Sorry for being missing In this render, I'm trying the AMD FidelityFX The result is not that good. But actually better than Preserve Details 2.0 by Adobe. You could get FSR using ReShade, and learn more about it in here Note: Sorry for the bush behind the character. I forgot to turn on the SSAO RadiantGI by AstrayFX Rendered with ReShade Behind the scenes
  12. I don't know why i've made this, but it looks really cool
  13. The wallpaper is inspired by an abandoned station in real life
  14. ok so uh made my own stylized springpixel(left) @TheEmeraldLiker's withered oc by me in right set is by @ShotU ok bye!
  15. Hey guys, i' kinda new in using mine imator, even in making renders and animating, so, i tried to make a wallpaper with the little knowledge that i acquired during 24 hours, so, i made a mix with the ACMV3 Character Rig and used the facerig from the ANFR v1 rig, and there is the result, i think mixing the good points of two rigs was the best thing i've done. 4k Resolution 1080p Resolution 720p Resolution I mixed the ACMV3 Rig with the Facerig from the ANFR v1 Rig
  16. This test animation was made to kinda test my realistic lighting in a video format for a work in progress animation that takes place in realistic environments. I played around with using multiple glow sources to make a more customized god ray. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: This scene is actually still being worked on as it's one of the many settings I still have to make for the animation project.
  17. Springbonnie rig by @anima cryses, tile textures by me Enjoy the render yall
  18. Animatronic model by me, based on @anima crysesas he also did Bomber model as well the other arcade bases, while I did the Speed Demon textures, and the other one, including the set behind. Animatronic you see is made by me, the floating head is by Ahmed in discord as well the set. Shackles is made by me again, the set is by @JayHAnimationz Left rig is by @JayHAnimationzagain, while the right one is made by @viridi, you know whose set belongs to. Yep this is it. Enjoy the show once again
  19. I Wonder, can Steve survive his First night or not? Well, Find out i guess.
  20. outdoor asset pack: SKIBBZ parrot: @NietyFox
  21. Welcome Users! It's Me! LacaMenDRY. Today I'm going to show you guys about my RTX Effects on Mine-Imator. Well How I get it? Well I get it from My future version of myself 2027. I give myself a Mine-Imator 1.5.6 Versions to my presents version. After that,I tried some Renders,And What makes me Satisfied is This! Nah Just Kidding. It's My self from present days. I Actually Boring,and dono what todo so I trying A Random stuff,And here I got it. RTX Versions: Well I'm Serious. This was On Mine-Imator. Not Blender. How cool is that? Just imagine if MI get better,and better,What would it looks like? BTW here it is: I hope you guys Enjoyed,And Inspired you to make more renders. You Know? Just STAY CREATIVE!
  22. Story Behind the Scenes(FICTIONAL): In 2032,LacaMenDRY A.K.A Mohd Ilham Akbar was very happy to see his new PC Set up,after 10 Years of Suffering while using A Wonderful Legends Potato Laptop in that time. Ilham Finally can buy his Dreamed PC from his YouTube Channel Named:LacaMenDRY when in that time LMD Subscribers was almost 4M Subscribers,And the reason why He buy a new PC in 2032,Is because this STORY IS FICTIONAL,so after that,He set Up A Camera then what the camera capture is This Render: And yes there are no Good Lighting,because My Face start goes glitching,when I use Glow Edges. I am not using the Render depth feature on my Face Rigs,I still using the Traditional Methods.
  23. The Stories behind this Scene: In 2048,Old LacaMenDRY Was Driving fast to his Home Called SmartHouse. He was driving with his Own Car Named UMA4,From Ustica Industries. He want to go home,and leave the Big City is because He just Tired,and need some more Relaxing Places. that was his SmartHouse located around the Nature,and Beach. He Going home,And met his Wife,and His Son named Furqan. He Going Home From Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Sarawak City At the Kuching. He have a plan to go Into Indonesia Next 3 Weeks After he done His New Technology Inventions To Export it into His CYBERTECH MegaCorporations.
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