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  1. in a bloodmoon night a reaper rises from the shadows and her hatred to the abyss clan, and now she seeks revenge for the death of her father i did everythin i can to make this wallpaper perfect but.when i was making this i ran into some small misshaps but still give suggestions so i can make this slightly more better and btw if you wonder if that is a scythe, that was suppose to be a halberd scythe hybrid
  2. meh i was just lazy and all that i made this too quick that i forgot to add efforts lighting and sky texture so im sry
  3. aww thanks also thnx for the tip m8 i like norse mythology alot even in an library if i see a book that has norse mythology i will pick it up and read it
  4. you can give suggestions and tell me where to put lighting and all that jazz i accidentaly made a mistke on placing this here it ws suppose to be in wrk in progress soooooooo...yeh
  5. this is an wrk in progress rig i will publish it soon goddess normal
  6. thanks im gunna make sure i dont misclick somethin else
  7. download link coming soon still wrkin on textures and skins
  8. okay i just woke up i opened my pc and i see this conversation listen okay i just made a mistake the reason why i post crap so fast cus i got a friend that is helping me with textures thats why i post things faster than speedy gonzales *sigh* everywere i go, i make people start a war or making enemies
  9. i have so much to learn in mine imator forums and the software itself...this is gunna take me some time im gunna read the rules again
  10. ha ha i didnt realize i was posting it on tips and tricks. i palmed faced and cringed
  11. oh! i didnt know what spam alert is haha...and yes im just a begginer...
  12. thnx oh btw there will be an animation and a story to my character shinjei soon if i can animate better
  13. a traitor named michael betryed the abyss clan and found himself in a bad situation with a familiar friend of his...
  14. http://www.mediafire.com/file/u51r96c1rc16qcp/Shinjei.rar/file
  15. i didnt expect for people to like this i was just taking a dump
  16. Shinjei's ship shinjei's swords and shinjei's bio armor pls dont mind the glow i think i forgot to remove it and she might have unfinished textures but the rig is done
  17. Ay just done finishing this wallpaper and my character rig. i think the wallpaper is bad idk but give tips so i can get a better version of this wallpaper
  18. yeah i should fiix that. i used to play Aot and thats where my idea popped out
  19. i didnt realize that i finished my rig this early. but anyways let shinjei explain.
  20. Azerath


    this is actually my first rig (inspired by batman4014 and SKIBBZ) if there is anything wrong with this rig pls give suggestions so i can make it better. btw this is an wrk in progress rig
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