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  1. unsure how to make the particles be viewed, when i imported them they were set to invisible and i cant seem to undo that. please help lol
  2. i was using mostly the ease in and out transition + the instant one for the camera but yeah ik i have work to do ty for watching tho
  3. awesome work with the camera!, btw i would like to know how to make the camera go round in a circle so smoothly XD
  4. this is an animation series that i made randomly about 5 months ago and during the making of it every part gradually has better animation quality because i learned new tricks towards the end so please watch till part 4 since the animation quality does get better!
  5. for some reason i opened mine imator and it was being really laggy / slowand i don't know why since i have opened it before and it's been perfectly fine, i even tried making a new project just to see if it was the imported stuff and it wasn't that... the whole program just is slow for some reason (tried reinstalling and removing all MI files i had)
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