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  1. [Armory] Juno's WW2 Stockpile

    what about us soldier's i do not see any
  2. [Armory] Juno's WW2 Stockpile

    expected it but sad about it as once again Canada was left out
  3. i need the blocks 1 sheet from pre release 3

    ok if it uses mine crafts now i may be a bit reworking a texture sheet for blocks im trying to use crap
  4. ok i am on a mac(can not run mine-imator) not my home pc and i am away i forgot to send myself the blocks sheet and now i need a new one if any of you have it please put the png in the comments i would prefer it tonight if possible the morning works to sorry i live in canada so i use gst canada time
  5. Mine-imator sound won't work

    ya ill try that ok it works thank you alot
  6. yes i don't have my audio muted my speaker work etc all audio but my sound track work it just stopped working in the middle of me animating a few days ago i waited restarted my computer and it is still muted any help I'm using pre-release 2
  7. oh here i was not good when i made this tho sry but there is no mp4 download right now ill have to get it on through my drop box later i was obviously no the best at fights when i made this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu-TyK4Ve94
  8. oh my god oh my god YYYEEESSS 1.12 items for more advanced in game rigs and schematics YAY
  9. Hello CatHuman thing.

  10. HaloScarabRig

    Any one who can make a walk cycle for this will be thanked cause i need it for an animation k thanks
  11. HaloScarabRig

    its ok also i don't know what rep is(#noob life)
  12. HaloScarabRig

    i did the rotation works it took a while the turret and legs all rotate also yes it is ment to look blocky cause i need to use it for walking on and it was just a bit more fun to build that way
  13. HaloScarabRig

    also i like your mechs they look nice
  14. HaloScarabRig

    it is a .object file also i can't get an imgur file it wont work on this forum for me oops i meant it looks like a lot of work
  15. HaloScarabRig

    it is a .object file also i can't get an imgur file it wont work on this forum for me
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