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  1. So I was working on this big project that I have been planning for a while. When i try to load up a project or start a new one it says project saved! and open a project. No matter what I do haw many times I reinstall it, it starts doing the same thing. And when I try to load one of my projects it says that the file is corrupted. Can someone please help! Because I am really getting annoyed now. Thanks
  2. will do. Thank you for all your help!
  3. When my preview was rendering it came out like this: Does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks for reading
  4. So my mine imator was working properly and I was working on an animation that I started working on about a month ago, as I was working on it I checked my battery and it was on 15%. So I saved the project, turned off my computer and let it charge. The next day I tried to launch the project to next day and whenever I tried to launch a project it would say project saved and the open projects screen will come up. So I clicked on another project and the same thing happend over and over and over again. Please help if possible. Thank you
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