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  1. SInce it was 2 Years i started This someone Help me to do this.
  2. ================================================================================================================================================ O R I G I N S Name of Character: Iron (Ren) Origins,Powers,Story: Iron Has a power of Wind and a Talent of Third State( Naruto Series ) When He's Weaken His Eyes White turned to black. That his power of Cosmic Dragon Human Mode. The Cosmic Dragon Human Mode is a Skilled Assassin/Fighter/Mage can use the ablilties of iron He can Bring out Swords and Uses Spells From the Past. STORY When SKSLander Was Saved by Iron When he go back at his 3SOW Base in his Collection of Summoner's Orbs Were stolen By a Black Hooded Brown Haired Thief.Once he find out of the thief he will Subuce or Kill him. Which of who will indentify the thief From the Four Victims To catch them ABILITIES Iron (Ren) Passive:Moondown Slash Abilitiy 1 Riot Slash Abilitiy 2 Spinning Blade Abliltiy 3 Rising Fire Ultamate Abilitiy Tornado of Slashes Cosmic Dragon Human Mode Passive:Electricity Changer Abilitiy 1 Blued Eyed Rage Abilitiy 2 Aura Sphere (Abilitiy from Pokemon Name Lucario) Abliltiy 3 Gravity Carry Ultamate Abilitiy Arrow of Justice Only 4 Persons Can join the series
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