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?Will the future (Mineimator & Blockbench) come to mobile phones ??? 🤔🤔🤔

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It will help if it comes on phone because it can use it anywhere and anytime.

But the rendering is still left to a laptop or PC, due to the limited performance of the phone.

I mean maybe just Mineimator or maybe just Blockbench, or if both are fine too.



So if you're out of town, let's say for 3 weeks and you don't have your laptop with you, or all you have is a pc, and you're bored while you're out of town.

But the story will be different if you have Mineimator and Blockbench on your phone

You will be able to continue your project, continue your RIG model and when you get home, you just have to render it and then go to sleep, and when you wake up you find your animation is finished, and just upload it.

I hope someday Mineimator and Blockbench will be on phone.

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I think it is entirely possible for Mine-Imator to run on mobile phones. After all, there is a precedent of Prisma3D. In my opinion, the MI/MB of the mobile terminal can be made into a special version P3D similar to making Minecraft animation. But to be honest, P3D interaction makes me feel it is very troublesome and difficult to use. If MI/MB has a mobile version, I hope it will be better than P3D in this respect, and add the function of importing Minecraft world.

The above paragraph may be limited by Google translation, and the expression is slightly unclear. This is the original text I want to say: 我以為Mineimator是完全有可能在手機上運行的,畢竟有Primsa3D這個先例。我覺著吧,MI/MB的移動端完全可以做成類似於專門製作MC動畫的特殊版P3D。不過說實話,P3D的交互邏輯簡直逆天,所以要是MI/MB有移動端,但願在這方面能儘善,並且包含導入MC存檔的功能。

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