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How To Import Any Mobs, Blocks, Items From Mods To Mine imator!

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Welcome To My First Tutorial Post Fellow Mine Imatorers! (Animators i think i dont remember sorry)

Today I Will be teaching you How to (without any hard-effort) Import Models From mods to Mine Imator!

For this you need 3 Apps! (Maybe even 4)
Mine Imator (yay)
Winrar or any other zip app thingy

1. Download The mod you want to import stuff from. im gonna use MrCrayfish's Gun modbanner.svg 
Click it if you wanna use Mrcrayfish's gun mod too
It doesnt matter what version you use any version would work and also you dont need to install the dependencies.

2. Open the mod 🙂
Oh you dont know how??
very easy my friend first Right click on the file
next Click on Open With WINRAR
and you did it!
You Will find yourself somewhere like this, Here ill let the image wizard guide you from here:
Now you got some stuff to stea- cough cough Borrow
Basically we only need the Textures and Models for this one so copy them and put them in a folder
Open Up The models folder it will look something like thiskIcOIgk.png
Im gonna go into the Item folder and use this assault_rifle file for example
Now here is kinda tricky if your toooo lazy
Open up Blockbench
and drag your file (mine is assault_rifle.json) inside of Blockbench

now here its gonna be kinda luck based
you will either encounter a error


Encounter this pretty model:

Now dont worry i will help you fix this error:
This may happen because the file has several variants in-game so it will use a main/Parent one for all of them but change some textures (i dont know why they do this its kinda stupid but i guess we could work with it)
now what you gotta do is go to the path it gives you and retrive the actual model
Note: The path it gives you starts at the parent folder (ex. models/special/guns/assault_rifle.json) models was the parent folder

when you got the model it will look white like this
Pretty easy to fix just find this and double click it
The folder is what we need. we can see it says item so the parent folder is item
so i cant upload any more pictures so here just click confirm then right click the picture you just double clicked on and then click on Change file then find the picture and click on ok

now it has textures
now do CNTRL + A and click on teh Create texture button (the upside down hill with a plus on the buttom)
and check Box uv
there will be some texture bugs so you gotta fix them
then you need to install teh export to mine imator plugin (Files > Plugins > Search Mine-imator)

and then do File > Export > Export mine-imator mimodel
and thats it
if you had problems send it here, and also its not the best way possible to do this but i guess it is atleast easy or maybe i made it look hard

If this helped you Please Upvote! thanks!

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Why does everybody say WINRAR to unzip a file??? Don't you guys all know file explorer has a built in unzipper? just click on it and on top it will say extract all, or you could right click it and go to more options, then the extract all will also pop up??? good tutorial tho.

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