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Halloween House

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Hello my name its Lukas Kukkuk and i am sorry for my bad English. But i want share with this awesome community my map what i and friends makes 

Its house with gravestones and houses for background. (Houses is just made to front look. Behind isnt nothing)


Map works in Mine-Imator pre-release 4

Made by Lukas Kukkuk, Deacon CZ, Sokolanimation, DrajwexAnimations


Pictures (open this first): https://imgur.com/CfBrRH7

Front of house: https://imgur.com/A4ar9MF

Inside of house: https://imgur.com/W5yXCFb

Room 1: https://imgur.com/zdr7t34

Books room: https://imgur.com/TFtnkbC

Corridor to gravestones (editable text): https://imgur.com/oW9gQ3T

Gravestones (editable text): https://imgur.com/e2qY6Pe

Stairs: https://imgur.com/jCfCU2V

Upper floor: https://imgur.com/IZms6sl

Basement: https://imgur.com/xxxrGj4

Roof and background houses: https://imgur.com/ZOzUBt9


                                                                                            Download link:              https://www.mediafire.com/file/lmxgoqgxh0aylcg/Hallowen_House_by_Lukas_Kukkuk%2C_Drajwex%2C_Sokol%2C_Deacon.zip/file

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