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Appeals & Name Changes

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With Emunator's departure, I'll be taking over warning point appeals and name changes.

Regarding appeals:

If you'd like to appeal a warning point you have, go ahead and send me a PM with the subject "Appeal" and use the form below:

Date: <The date you received the warning>
Reason: <What you were warned for>
Points: <How many points you received from said warning>
Moderator: <Name of the moderator who warned you>
Comment: <Explain and convince me WHY you think the warning should be removed, your answer may or may not affect the appeal>

This form is also flexible, if you feel the need to add additional information, please do not hesitate to do so. (evidence, previous appeals, etc.)

Things that may affect your chances are not limited to but include:

  • The time that's passed since your warning.
  • Your comment explaining why it should be removed.
  • Severity of your warning.
  • Recent warnings (if any).
  • Previous appeals you've made.

If accepted:

The points for said warning will be removed, although the warning will remain for logging purposes.
You will then receive an appeal notice on your profile (in the form of a 0 point warning), once again just to keep logs.

Thank you, and good luck!

Regarding name changes:

If you'd like to change your display name on the forums, send me a PM with the subject "Name change" and tell me which name you'd like to have.

Your name may be rejected if it's offensive, used to impersonate another member or if you've changed your name too recently. So please be careful with what you choose.


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