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[RIG FOR 1.0.0] Rats mod Mo'Creatures !!

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Hello everyone! 
It's been a while since I had not posted any new rigs! Here I am for the beginning of a long, long journey through the creation that we can provide mine-imator! I started to create mobs mod Mo'creatures, and begin quietly, I suggest rats mod that I have carefully created for you! 
The link to download the .object:
But some people do not know how to import a .object on his map, so I'm here to help you: 
  1. Go to the workbench without clicking 
  2. Click Import an asset 
  3. Then you'll just have to open the .object you download
  4. ENJOY! 
If textures rats do not appear, it means you will not retrieve the archive or is that you will not put the texture in the same folder as the .object
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