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Found 2 results

  1. Mining is art. Mining to survive is culture. Born in miner family then becoming miner is a tradition . If we have culture based on Mining to fight off monsters at night then we will have multiple jobs based on besides mining , Warrior, Guard , Farmer, Lord, BlackSmith and such. Here is most basic but most used tools of Mikings... [Miner+Viking=Miking genius ] 1handedSword https://www.mediafire.com/file/j9d9yomo2n13zbo/Shord_Sword.miobject/file 2handedSword https://www.mediafire.com/file/6v26mxq37qn4xnn/Miner's_Sword.miobject/file BattlePickaxe [combination of spear, axe, pickaxe] https://www.mediafire.com/file/n16p11iqbqffudu/War_Pickaxe.miobject/file Pickaxe https://www.mediafire.com/file/uij24pilvg39o3g/PickAxe.miobject/file Miking with his armor [not included]{if you like it then just comment i'll release his helmet] Ohoi what is this 4 rigs? In 1 Month? WTF ARE YOU DOInG WITH YOUR LIFE SOLDIERGG1! sorry wifi's data died and i gotta wait for 2 to 3 week to RE-CHARGE IT But i got these also headset or headphone if you are interested then check my profile because there is some stuff you might like so upvote this post and comment if you liked the stuff and follow me on MIforums and subscribe me at Youtube or you didn't like it you can give me advice how to reach your standards .thx download
  2. Hello again! In case you haven't noticed, I don't really like the new bending feature that was introduced in 1.1.3, so to stop myself from spamming the entire forums with my complaints, I have decided to make a topic where I could place all of them and even discuss with other people about this. This topic will include personal opinion, some objective facts that I think affect this new feature in a negative way, pictures describing the problem and probably some missing tweaks that should be implemented. Mind you that I do appreciate @david's hard work and the fact that he actually implemented this system as it was suggested by many users back then, but I'm not entirely happy with the results and I would love to point out what I don't like. It does seem that I could get used to this feature with time, but I still want to express my opinion. If you feel like I should add any other complaints or you don't agree with any point I'm saying, feel free to discuss in the replies. Let's start: -It breaks the Minecraft style and feel. -It does not appeal to a significant part of the community, several people are not really happy with the results too as I've seen here in the forums and in the YouTube community. -Round bending does not exist anymore (RIP), it had a few useful uses. -The new bending has a low amount of detail. -Item sheets on the body of rigs are now slightly broken. -The texture pinching was supposed to remove the need of the bending scale feature, but it only works up to 90 degress, a higher value causes Z-Fighting. Demonstration: -Some of the poses with the new bending are already possible to some extent with the old one. Demonstration: -There is a range in which using high values on more than one bending axis starts to look unnatural, will bother you unless you want to make weird satirical poses. Demonstration: -Using 3 bendings at once causes an even bigger range of an unnatural look, but high values go to the point of completely breaking the model. Demonstration: -The Z axis of bending deflates the body model, this did not happen with the old bending. Demonstration: POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS/SUGGESTIONS: This may be more suitable to go in Mine-Imator Suggestions subforum, but I'd say that this still falls in the context of this topic and could still be discussed so I'm keeping it here. I have no idea if any of these are possible to implement nor if they are good suggestions. If you have any other ideas that you think should be added, put it in the comments. Just wanted to put my opinion here, thanks for the read. I'm all open ears to any other opinions, so don't be afraid to discuss.
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