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Found 17 results

  1. TheMageBuilder

    Spuce tree (dead)

    spruce tree edible foliage color /!\ ripple off, for the reactivated please go through modelblench /!\ /!\ tree size high, you can set it via the parameters on mine-imator /!\ Download:
  2. Nate133

    Lonely Hovel

    { Credits }
  3. Nate133

    Hunters Beware

    "I dare not go back into those woods, He is merciful at first meeting, But if his warnings go unheeded. . . He will know." Tried timing myself to make a quick render, This is what I came up with. { Credits }
  4. Took about a day to make this Cozy little room, Made it for a couple Cinematic screenshots. Now I want to share it with everyone! Reminder: This is just an Interior build, Not much to look at from the outside. [ For Version 1.1.2 of Mine-Imator ] DOWNLOAD Includes Interior lighting and Changeable Window "Greenscreens" { Credits } Be sure to credit me for the rig if you use it!
  5. Nate133

    A quiet reading [4k]

    "Nothing beats a good book after a long day of exploring" { Credits }
  6. Nate133

    Adventurer's Lounge Rig

    My first rig! I decided I would Release this room for people to experiment with! I do NOT claim to own any of the given textures included in this rig All credit for the textures goes to Monsterfish's Texture pack: I merely used the textures to make the room, furniture, and decor, Feel free to credit me and the texture pack if you use this project. Download: [ Background Scenery Not included! ] Screenshots: I apologize if this is in the wrong sub-forum, I didn't post this in the Scenery section because it contains more than a .schematic file, If this does count as scenery any Moderators are welcome to move this thread! Hope everyone Enjoys!
  7. Nate133

    The Cabin [ Ver 1.1.0 ]

    The Cabin "Winter is on its way, Time to prepare, And the most important part of surviving the cold is a roof over your head. Built with sturdy spruce wood, Strong cut stone, and filled with hand-crafted furniture this cabin will serve you well as both home and shelter." { Includes } - Furniture - Torches - Various small details - Changeable Potted plants - Interior Lighting - Scene surfaces for windows ( For exterior scene screenshots when inside ) DOWNLOAD [ 1.1.0 ]: { WARNING: Large amount of assets - May cause crash } Interior View More In-depth Screenshots here: { Credits }
  8. Nate133

    Aurora [4k]

    "I can't just explain it, You have to see it with your own eyes. Only then can you understand the beauty of the northern lights." More Volume: { Credits } Texterpack used: Conquest
  9. Nate133

    The Cabin [ Showcase ]

    " It's not too luxurious. . . But It's home nonetheless, Warm enough to last the winter." Finally finished it! Followup from my most recent Wallpaper "Moonlight". I'm just posting the interior due to the program crashing when I try to add a landscape to put it on Also had to up the FOV because of the small space, Hopefully it still looks good. Enjoy! Now available for download!: Pictures:
  10. Nate133

    Moonlight [2k]

    Testing the lighting on my new project, A little cabin in the woods approaching the winter season. Still need to add some more furniture and the little details but It should be completed soon. So consider this a teaser for my next wallpaper { Credits } Textures/assets from Conquest texturepack. Inspired by @Pootsy35's Cabin wallpaper "Winter is coming", only with a little medieval twist
  11. Nate133

    Forged Anew [4k]

    "No sword? hmm... I know a guy..." Got this project done in about 3 hours. Enjoy! { Credits } Texture pack by Monsterfish: Sword Rig and Facerig by Skibbz:
  12. "They came in the dead of night, Monsters of bone and flesh, From what darkness where these demons spawned?" Originally I was going to make this scene bigger with more characters, rigs, etc. But eventually the program couldn't handle all the details and started to crash, So I just settled with how far I was able to get in terms of detail. backstory is set in the city seen in my previous wallpaper ( A city worth defending ) but that's as far as I got, Still working on my own little Medieval fantasy of the Minecraft universe. Hope you enjoy the art! { Credits In spoiler Below } Additional Shots:
  13. Don't all heroes deserve a little R&R? I was inspired by the amazing homestead mods in the game Elder scrolls: Skyrim to make this Hall where heroes and their followers can relax, away from combat and adventure at least for a while! Also now available for download! - [ Hall Detail Highlights ]
  14. Nate133

    "Another Day"

    Hello Everybody! New to the forums so this will be My first post! I don't plan on being much of a professional with Mine-imator so don't expect anything to mindblowing, Still Criticism is acceptable so go ahead and leave some feedback! This is a simple one of my Character ready to start the day in the realm of Minecraft, I usually like to do Medieval-ish stuff which is the theme of this picture! [ Facerig by: Skibbz ] [ Sword rig by: Skibbz ] [ Texturepack by: Monsterfish_ ( Conquest 32x32 ) ] ( Main Photo ) Bonus Angles!