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Found 12 results

  1. So yeah I started messing around in MI one day to see if I could get the shape of godzilla using several mob parts and it surprised me how good it looked so I wanted to finish the rig and that stuff... Anyway, here you have the link. Don't bend the neck, don't pose the fingers on a rotation of +0 degrees, don't rotate the lower jaw more than 140 degrees bla bla, this rig tries to replicate Godzilla's 2014 version but it has 5 fingers on each hand instead of 4 like in the movie... but I don't care, it just looked stupid and ugly with 4 fingers. Atomic glow is avaliable for each spike he has on his back, not gonna lie it's gonna be a pain for you to activate the glow for each spike individually, but at least it's there.
  2. Ello' Everyone This is a teaser image for my new 2014 titles My Friend (DWReTitles) has helped me make a droste clock in after effects, and the rest was done in mineimator! Enjoy
  3. Hello guys/gals. As you know, Christmas is right in front of us! But to paass the time, I'm going to ask you a few FUN questions! Let's begin. (Pssst! My answers are in brackets ) What's your favourite part of Christmas? (Being with family) What are you asking for for Christmas? (iPod Touch 5th Generation) Are there any upcoming christmas animations you're working on? (After I finished typing!) Do you Believe in christmas? (YES. ) What do you eat for christmas? Traditional [e.g. Turkey], Something else or both?(Turkey) What's 2 + 2? (22) Are you excited for christmas? (Yup!) Do you have an xmas skin of you for my animation? if so paste it in this form (not yet) Are you bored of these questions? (not really) The END! Christmas music ^^^^^^^^ ^-^ Have a good one
  4. The Truth of life.. well, it ain't a beaut' "You live for another once death" - Me (was that weird..) I have added dislike button BTW if you think it looks nice maybe take a look at my first art =
  5. Blue Chocolatebar

    CyberMan's SkydoesMinecraft rig.

    download link: Dis Images features: 3D Hair! 3D Glasses! 3D AMULET! (YES HIS AMULET) An idiotic idea. There was something more (hmm) but i cant figure it out!
  6. So, I went to see the Nick 2014 Kid's Choice Awards and I noticed Minecraft was nominated for Best Video Game. I would tell you how Minecraft did. Just click the spoiler and see how Minecraft did!
  7. So, I went to see the Nick 2014 Kid's Choice Awards and I noticed Minecraft was nominated for Best Video Game. I would tell you how Minecraft did. Just click the spoiler and see how Minecraft did! Why....... Whoops! 2 pages! Someone please delete this one! Please????
  8. Kijkopdeklok

    Ironman Rig V1.0

    This is a rig that i created for my movie 'The Amazing Ironman' You can download the rig on: And you can see the rig in a movie on: Thx
  9. SirKeen

    Happy New Year
  10. CutieTheCat666

    Happy New Year!

  11. Well. My New Year's Video People In Video: 1.PewDiePie 2.Tobuscus 3.Ylvis 4.Kid President 5.Guy Manuel From Daft Punk 6.Thomas Bangalter From Daft Punk 7.Anthony From Smosh 8.Ian From Smosh My New Year's Resolution Is To Be More Active (Sorry For Bad Smosh Skins,I Suck At Skinning)
  12. MonsterIosHotel

    3D Fireworks Rig [Mine - Imator 0.7 DEMO]

    Hello everybody! Christmas is over, but what about New Year's Eve? So, we're going to celebrate New Year's Eve with fireworks! Introducing, my brand new 3D Fireworks Rig! It's near with the original item I guess. Pics: Actually, It's not a stick but it's a string. It's hard to make the string bend. Download Link: