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Found 3 results

  1. The Official Merkimations' Turtle Shell Helmet Rig Hello There! I'm Merk, and this is my turtle shell helmet rig modeled and after the Official Minecraft Turtle Shell Helmet from the 1.13 update. I have not seen any turtle shell helmet rig in the Mine-imator community. Thus, I decided to make one myself. Warning!!! If you do use this rig or any part of it, then you all I require is for you to give the creator, me, full credit. Link to the archive download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9ejt4su5jj3f674/Merkimations_Turtle_Shell_Helmet_Rig.rar/file
  2. Hey guys! I love this new Modelbench! I Wanted to make something simple. so I took the textures out of minecraft and made this for you guys! Download The Model Here Credit is not required, but please don't claim the model as your own creation. - I kinda copied all this text from Voxy because it looked very clean. How to use Make sure you own Mine-imator 1.1.0 or later, as model support was introduced in this version. The model is NOT compatible with the Community Build, and I don't plan on making a rig version for compatibility with such versions. In your project, open the workbench and select the "Model" option as your object type. Then, just load the model and texture in their respective fields, and create it!
  3. Here is something you guys will just love Pics: Full turtle Has a little tail Under him. Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/kwdsu4fqdna3jup/Turtle%20rig.zip?dl=0 Now be a good
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