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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everybody, hope everybody’s doing great! My name is Duan, and I am 18 years old, and I am a college student at Texas I want to say that I am very excited to be able to do a leap of faith and ask for help for this project that I been trying to make since I started playing Minecraft. So right now I am looking for people to volunteer in this project big project because I have a lot of stuff that won’t let me do it by my self, and here are the reason why I am not able to do it at a 100% first of all, I am a college student and it’s pretty hard to do animation while being I college student because you need a lot of time to get both working well I study music at my college, and I am a music producer as well i also work at writing the story for the series, and the music. So it’s pretty hard to work on animations when you have all that on you What I am looking for right now, it’s people who can help me out with animating, at least to try to make a trailer for a kickstarter so maybe more people can help with the project if you want to be part of the project but you are not sure about having to work for to long in the project, I suggest you help me make the kick starter trailer to get more help with it as for right now, I am the only one working on the project, since this the first step that I am doing right now, which it’s looking for volunteers Right now the thing that I can do in the project, it’s the music and writing the story, and some animating, which I am not very good at it, but I know that I am good with cameras and all that stuff So right now what I can do is A little of animating, Story writing, Producing music, and translating the story “Since I can speak both English and Spanish” BUT ONE THING THAT I WANT TO MENTION AND ITS VERY VERY IMPORTANT! This project won’t be 100% mine, I am just giving the idea and trying to get people together to work on this big dream. So whoever wants to volunteer in this dream, this will also be your project and not mine, so I am looking forward to build a team of dreamers, and talented people, and make this together, not for me nor anyone to be a boss, but a team So if you are someone with big dreams and have some skills, you are totally welcome to Send me a message and I will talk to you and get to know you better, and make you feel welcome Alright, I have been writhing a lot haha, I am not finished yet SO ABOUT THE PROJECT! I am gonna try to explain this the best I can to summarize the story, it’s gonna be basically, a story about Good Vs Evil, and I am making it kinda like anime story style, so it’s about how I guy who it’s very good at fighting and all goes to a kingdom where he gets to meet the king, which they believe that there’s a… let’s gonna say “Demon lord” to make it easy to understand, and this demon lord who lives on the nether, wants to be the king of all, and be the king of earth and eliminate all life from the earth, and then the Protagonist goes to this kingdom and they found out that he is the chosen one who’s gonna set them free from this Demon Lord, so they train him and everything, until the day comes that he gets to fight the demon lord, and that’s when the series ends, at least the first season. So that’s like a short summary of the story in general, and it will be like a Comedy/Action Series And if this project gets to be know and it gets to be successful, then we can make a 2nd season, and maybe even try to put it in a online streaming platform like Netflix, it may sound crazy, but you guys have to dream to achieve, and I am not gonna be somebody who’s gonna say that something it’s impossible. No! I am gonna encourage you to follow your dreams Ok so that was the idea of everything that I have So to summarize everything Work done: 4-5 chapters or episodes for the series so far What I have: Music Producer, Writter, Acceptable animator What I am looking for: Decent Animator, Builder, Skin Maker, people who can give ideas too What’s the minimum work I should do: This it’s not very important because you are gonna be volunteering, so has long as you are helping in something, it’s ok How much will each episode last in time?: since I am first stating we still don’t know, but something around 10-20 minutes per episode I am guessing How long will take each episode to be made?: As I said this project is about to start being a serious project, I still don’t know but I expect that at first it will be about 1-3 months per episode, but that’s if we have a lot of help, it may take longer if we don’t have much people How we will communicate?: I will create a discord server where we can discuss everything and we can talk with the team How it’s are we gonna work?: The idea right now it’s to give people a list of assignments or list of the stuff that we want them to work on, and also try to do a zoom reunion every 1-3 weeks to see progress and Discuss about what we do to improve etc. What Program will be used in the project: Mine-Imator, Discord So I think that was every thing I have to say, I will give my discord at the end of this post so that if you are interested, you can give me a message So as I said, I am a very friendly guy so you can just ask and if you don’t feel like working with me it’s totally fine, and if you get to work with me and you have an emergency or a reason why you couldn’t do the list of things to do, it’s totally fine if you just talk to me, or if you decide to leave its okay, you can always count with my support if you just talk to me So I guess this is it, I know it’s a lot of text but if you came this far, thank you so much for reading, and I hope you get to work with me and the people that also volunteers, Thank you and have a good day Duan. Discord Contact Duan#4658
  2. Hi my name is Pi IPE and I have a big animation project which I want to do as a series trailer and the team will receive promotion. I would like to have a team of good animators to help me, also I may need builders for the sets. Voice actors may be wanted. If you are interested please comment with a link to a playlist of your portfolio on YouTube of... your voice (if you are a YouTuber a random video of yours will do) if you want to be a voice actor, 3 minutes or less of Mineimator animations on YouTube if you want to be a voice actor, pictures/ Youtube videos of your builds if you want to be a builder. RULES Don't be annoying and spam me. I will announce the team on my twitter @pi_ipe and here I cannot promise any money Check my twitter every week or so and if you see that you are accepted please DM me. Don't slack BE EPIC
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