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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone! I've made some terrible animated animations so I cut that and now I'm doing better. I'm going to cut some scenes such as him teleporting to the tripod. It will be finished by next week! Stay Tuned!......
  2. This is a non-canon wallpaper, taking place in an alternate universe where Eon Bite decided it would be best to take all nearby countries into their own hands by force. Also, this is a test to see if i can make my own effects in paint.net. I honestly like how this turned out! http://mineimator-roleplay.wikia.com/wiki/Overwatch_(Gravitarian_Army) (Edit: Forgot to credit √úberKiller for the gun rig! I did not make it!)
  3. Hi im doomdude and i am proud to announce my new minecraft animation INVASION. This has taken me a long time(really long time) and here it is . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44p76WucY-8&list=PLRLeYeewfJeR-zA5ctVeHWX-j9a39xWnZ Please subscribe and like to encourage me to continue making animations
  4. Ok so this is a simple RP themed after War of the worlds which is a great book. Whatever let's start this shall we? Intro sheet: Name: Gender/species: Look: Personality: Weapon: (no OP stuff just modern day weapons) Rules(let's make this easy) No OP You can use main OCs (if you do rule 6) No swearing No bad stuff No one gets special treatment No powers just normal powers (teleportation [cant pass the shields still], Pokemon abilities, species abilities) Plot: After several lightning fell over one same position a huge tripod got up to the ground and started burning everything, this repeated all over the world, the tripods can't be destroyed by any know powers since they have a shield that can protect them from even a Nuke they got powerful heat-rays which can disintegrate living things and torch down buildings. All military presence is in Tegucigalpa a Central America city which has no tripods around. Yet. I'll start: Name: Alex Johnson Gender:male/human Look: normal ODST armor, no body features shown Personality: kind of a jerk,very aggressive in combat, calm in friendly places Weapon: magnum, M16 -running to gunship full of people which he takes apart and reaches for a M16-
  5. Hello everyone ! The form : Name : Skin : Special Attacks ( Please,don't make it really OP ): Fighting Style : Transformations : ( if you don't have transformations,say no here ) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name : Balla Skin : Special Attacks ( Please,don't make it really OP ):Kamehameha,fly and much more. Fighting Style : Like Sonic in Sonic battle. Transformations : ( if you don't have transformations,say no here )Super Saiyan,2 and 3.
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