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Found 5 results

  1. This rig is made of other rigs, compiled for simplicity: Face Rig: RedAnimator Body Rig: Default Mine-imator rig Weapons: Sharpwind Hand Rig: Hosq I made this not to try and claim other people's work, but to make something that's easy to use for beginner animators (like myself). Picture! (Thank you Fox Miner): https://imgur.com/a/9YvgUNv Download without weapons: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6vdum1aw3rzfc57/Personal_MC_Rig.miobject/file Download with weapons: https://www.mediafire.com/file/waw3qol79hzb4im/Personal_MC_Rig_No_Weapons.miobject/file If you want to change the skin to your own, just upload your skin of choice, then click on the rig, go to the texture, and change it to whatever skin you want. Happy animating!
  2. behold my 3rd screenshot I made, maybe I'll send the other two later. In a few months I seriously want to make a series
  3. Not much background to this, just a random super short animation (still very much a beginner tho)
  4. Warning: You will probably not need this if you have been animating for a while, because you either already know how to do this or you have your own method/way of doing it. This Tutorial is on how I add any time of audio/sound/voiceacting to my animation, in the hopes to help out some newer people with their animations. Tell me any other tutorials that you would like me to make, I am running out of ideas.
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