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Found 4 results

  1. Blitz is an animation series that i am currently working on. It follows the story of 4 heroes who unite from the corners of a shattered world. Jace Argus- The main character, he is an all rounded character with a strong will to survive and do what is right. In combat he uses a standard military sword until he discovers an object of greater power... Faith Alerius- A smaller girl who relies on quick movements and short reaction times to take down her enemies. She wields a single katana and can move, dodge and strike with intense speeds. Ryan Katsuke- A strong hearted guy who acts as the knight of the group. He is very brave and willing to fight to the end. Ryan uses an axe and a shield as his weaponry. Ghost- A mysterious character who refuses to tell the others his real name. Is he just shy? Or does he have something to hide.. Ghost is a stealth based character who uses an electronic sniper rifle as his weapon. He rarely misses. ------------------------------ The world is dark, ruined and on the verge of destruction. Ever since the dark awakening, creatures known as shadows have walked the earth, on the hunt for living humans. While retaining the intelligence of an average human, their goal is to hunt every last survivor. Good thing the surviving humans walled off their city to keep the shadows out... But shadows are not the only thing that trouble the survivors. A guild of fallen angels known as "the crimson" walk the ruins alongside humans. They use the city walls as a giant bowl to hold their food. The crimson ranks are made of blood knights and blood angels, both have a powerful taste for blood. ------------------------------ I will be releasing this animation in segments as i work on it. Here are some images i made for it (these do not actually occur in the storyline ) ---------------------------- Please comment your thoughts on the animation, as well as any ideas!
  2. Episode One is finally here! This is an ongoing series which i have planned the entirety of, consisting of a total of 15+ episodes (ill finish one every week or so!) OTHER POSTS: (3 teaser images) (trailer) Anyway guys, heres the animation! Enjoy and comment ideas / suggestions! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPLYsWjdf28&feature=youtu.be
  3. Wallpaper 1: If the first hit doesnt kill you, a lot of pain will follow. Death is never the first thing they will give you, but rest assured; you will get it in the end. Wallpaper 2: The swords of angels feed off the souls of their victims. Each kill empowerers an angel equal to the strength of the user. Angels will hunt down their targets for weeks on end. If an angel wants you absorbed, you'd better be a damn good fighter. Wallpaper 3: Just a trailer image. On the left is faith, one of the main characters of the animation. On the right is starzul, the praetor who runs the angelic army. Both of them are as equal and deadly as another. Please comment feedback and ideas! ‚ÄčI might incorporate some into the animation! Also if your feeling bored, watch this strange (non animation) video i created: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WD_ZTkveBlg
  4. Coming soon- Blitz. (View the info post and trailer here)
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