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  1. This another wallpaper to replace the Group Photo.
  2. Oops Nonono i mean the posing I ment that i will fix it and post the new one tomorrow
  3. I know I made it like that well if you don't like it just say it
  4. Matilda Crescent

    Group Photo

    This, another wallpaper.may be good? the land is flat because I FORGOT!!!!!!
  5. I am Soooooooooooo Sorry for doing that i could not think of a title that is why
  6. Matilda Crescent

    Steve Wins

    this is another wallpaper but i think it is lame but I am kind a lazy right now. Alex is behind Matilda.
  7. That's because i did not know what picture to choose but now i like the picture that @Artamiel Crescent did
  8. This is lame but I made it because I got bored so I made this.
  9. A new wallpaper! I haven't been on mineimator for a while sorry. Credits @Artamiel Crescent for my character rig. http://i.imgur.com/ivJRuXI.png
  10. k i didn't know the forums did not like dabs sorry
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