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    Mooshrom Life | A Portal

    tells of a portal that appears suddenly that makes the baby mooshrom curious about the portal this animation takes 2 years to complete we can see the development of the animation movement from the beginning and at the end in 2 years im still use Mine imator 1.1.4 because 1.2.2 render i weird Support me wih subscribe in my channel sorry for bad english
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    Honestly, I'm glad I'm keeping this tutorial going since preparing some examples of how folder animation can be used is giving me some great practice for actual running/walking/whatever animations, which is just what I needed in my animations.
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    What can I post to receive exactly 37 reputation points
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    Trolling in skywars

    Hi everyone, I'm gonna make a Youtube channel with gaming. So here my first attempt of video, enjoy ^^ (it's a unlisted video) Troller a day, troller always.
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    Bionic Problems (4K)

    This is just something random I made The posing could've been better In my opinion Desert Eagle rig by Daffa_the_one
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    Mooshrom Life | A Portal

    Very entertaining, and well thought out animation. Personally I think the pacing of the story is good, if it was any faster it would most likely be confusing.
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    Unknown Danger

    The hog has no idea what danger lurks behind.
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    Unknown Danger

    Yeah, I keep forgetting to mess with FOV, thanks!
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    Magic Duel

    I spent a decent amount of time on this. Didn't edit it in any way. This was something I want to make into an animation, but will probably just end up being a series of wallpapers or something. EDIT: After following some advice I fixed some things. Hopefully this looks a little better: As always criticism is appreciated
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    Me remake Raining Taco (NOT MINE-IMATOR, also im not that guy.) https://streamable.com/9wcq0 https://streamable.com/n6yjn
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    Unique names bug

    Everytime i try to save my model in Modelbench i get this message saying that every part must have unique name. But i checked every part, renamed it and even remodel the whole thing and still getting this bug. Can you please help me with this?
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    The Nether Portal

    Took me 30 minutes to make
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    Jotaro and Star Platinum

    I had fun making this
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    Light Ray Test

    I was just experimenting with light rays when I made this wallpaper. I'd appreicate your thoughts, opinions, and tips on this wallpaper! Please be kind when replying.
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    Fringe for glow

    I have an idea for bloom, making it have a fringe effect like DOF.
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    The Nether Portal

    A few people have already done this. However, it's the way you do it that makes it different. For example, you've used a much larger portal. Looks pretty good, however the Acacia tree to the far left is casting a shadow in a direction that doesn't make sense, given the location of the moon. Also, I think the DOF might be a bit too intense, but I'm not sure. Certainly not a bad attempt for 30 minutes of effort, though.
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    Woopsie Doodle.

    Made while listening to:
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    To Fray and the gang: could you please stop having conversations on your post, it’s really annoying and a cheap way to get to the popular creations tab i mean like almost the entire popular creations tab is what it is because you guys keep on using it like a chat box and typing 3-5 words in each reply