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    "From that day on I was going somewhere, I was runnang!"
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    <--- Actually my real face.

    <--- Actually my real face.
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    People has rights to being honest about the animation Office trouble animation took much effort with single person who know what to do with it such as storyboard and post-production Monster school doesn't take effort and it was rushed and got nothing else to do but adding random ideas without thinking about the script or storyboards The MS youtubers gets much views and sub because of bots While normal MI youtubers gets amount of sub and views by their fans or sent by friends
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    Cubic Ralsei


    that one who hates minecraft on the linus tech tips site should learn that other types of characters are extremely complicated to animate, and yes that guy really looks like he does not understand animations, but he also looks like he doesn't know how criticism works either. also the linus tech tips site is really not a site for mine imator animations
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    It's Raining Men

    my 2nd and 3rd SFM poster
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    How is this animation?

    Hi guys. This is my second proper mine-imator animation. yes I know it is not very smooth, and it has a MonsterSchool style humor in it, but I am a beginner. I want to make minecraft animations and upload them on YouTube, on a channel which I recently restarted. Please give me as much feedbacks as possible! Okay, I know this is dumb but I have to say: LIKE/DISLIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO HELP ME IMPROVE AND DON’T FORGET TO TAP THE BELL
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    Introduce yourself!

    hello, im wazzl3, some OOfer who tries to fit in with society, but screws it up, and gets more dislikes than likes
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