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    [IMPORTANT] When you install this rig make sure you EXTRACT the folder first, then when importing it into a session click the "myspringtrapv3.miobject" Then wait a while for the objects to load in. Download: https://sta.sh/0srzp9ghgwq
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    Minecraft 19w34a snapshot bee rig! Enjoy!
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    You guys are nuts. Bees are great.

    You guys are nuts. Bees are great.
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    Forest Heights #33- The Roomate

    Maybe if you just squint your eyes and tilt your head, he'll look like a human. (I actually tried with the lighting this time. How does it look?) <Previous Next>
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    Decay [2K]

    "As the weapon of time makes it's final attack, everything you know will fade to black" — Unknown
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    Forest Heights #33- The Roomate

    At first I thought the furry was a werewolf XD
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    Just import it as a model and you're good to go. It comes with textures for the angry/pollinating variants, and the stinger is a separate part so that you can hide it if needed. Enjoy! Note: You'll need to adjust the render depth of the model after importing it. The texture has a few pixels that aren't fully transparent, which causes glitches.
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    I think we can all agree #BeeGate is an extremely serious issue that transcends modern politics. I, for one, welcome our bee friends. They're really only cosmetic and only spawn in a few biomes.
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    First Date

    Oh boi, once again my cars are used!
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