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Mine-imator animation (optional)

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How about we all work on a short animation presenting mine-imator and all the developers and animaters that have stayed loyal to the software all these years. Especially  with mine-imator 2.0 coming out.

It doesn't have to be long and we don't have to do it but it was just an idea i had that i wanted to share. It might seem silly and like a lot of work. You might have your own projects that your working on. However if you're interested i'd love to hear from you

I'll only do it if people think it's a good idea then we'll talk about what exactly we're going to do (if you want to help, of course, just wanted to make that clear). 😁

If you have any questions please ask. I consider myself a kind person so again, i'd love to hear from you. 😀

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