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Found 5 results

  1. Full Adventure World The first chapter of the book relating to Aonasies is posted and available to be viewed at THIS LINK HERE! For all requests to join the world and for more updates please see to following my Twitter! This is simply to spread the word and ask for input, as well as to show off the intro I made using Mine-Imator! [*]The map has a progressive story, meaning you will learn more about it as you move throughout the world. "You awake to the sounds of the gulls. Knowing you have finally landed ashore you aim to make your way above deck, but something is off. Something is wrong... the ship feels ill. This darkness in the air, a heart beat, something moving the ship... You feel you have to run, and keep running! So you do, leaving your small room you see nothing; no light, none of the other men. Just more doors, then more doors. You keep running, bashing through door after door beginning to gasp as you feel the heavy shadows start to fill your lungs. Just as your breathing becomes raspy you see a small light. Sprinting toward the faint glow, like a moth to a candle, you feel as though you are about to faint. Just as you touch the light the sensation of falling consumes you... falling... falling... falling..." "Then with a sudden jolt you wake gasping and struggling to grab the nearest object. You were in the water? Looking around you realize what had happened... A storm caught the ship just off shore. Being thrown this way and that, before finally crashing to the rocks throwing you to sea. Lucky you didn't drown. Having slept the night by holding to the wreckage. However, you had reached your goal. The small town of Aonasies was within sight. Those same thick shadows could be seen filling the towns streets, almost as though the nightmare hadn't ended. You had woke up hadn't you? Such a wretched smell, filling your nose. The darkness was still lurking, almost as if it was seeking something... But you know your goal. You know what you came for. Will it be worth it... will your prize be worth the cost? Will it be worth... all this?" However anyone seeking to put in some thoughts I will ask to be posted here. Rules of the Land: 1) No Griefing (All tools and keys needed will be able to be gained as their respective quests are unlocked) 2) No Suicide (beds are still lain out as checkpoints.) 3) Have fun! While the world is dark and full of horrors, that doesn't mean you are there only on business! This is no minigame server. Nor is it another city. Or even another adventure world. This is something else. This is Aonasies, something is wrong, and the land has been covered in dark memories. Some extra Gallery Photos from the Beta. Of course, until further notice this world IS only on Xbox One. It's dangerous to go alone, take this! Don't forget to check out the main post on MCForums for Aonasies - A Town Remembered as well!
  2. I was wondering if any redstone geniuses out there could help me out with something. There is a mod for Minecraft called MineChess, and I have an idea in mind for making this mini-game a puzzle in an adventure map I am creating. The idea: What I plan on doing is having a room that the player would come to in order to progress through the map, and in that room will be a chessboard set up with all the moves made already and the only move left would put the other color in checkmate, thus winning the game. There will be an iron door in the room that can only be opened by pushing the last piece into place and causing the checkmate. Does anyone who knows anything about redstone know if this would be possible to implement with this MineChess mod?
  3. _DrkShdw_

    Eye Know

    Story: Your in a room. A blank white walled, room. With only one doorway. No door. You walk out only to see there are others like you, stuck in this horrible death chamber. You'll get killed, But you don't know that. But who put you here? Eye. Eye did it. Eye am going to make sure you get taken care of... Its in his programming! No op characters please its my first RP too so it might be slow. You have to be at least over the age of 15 please. Character forum: Name: Age: Gender Special:(Basically what your occupation was but you can only have one) Appearance:(Just facial) Good luck. Have fun Oh yeah and I am playing as Eye and some other person... you'll learn later. + you need to be accepted.
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