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Found 12 results

  1. Two of mane sprites for my future animation for channel.
  2. Name: Bartaladius van Gammeum The Forge World: Stygies VIII Hierarchical position: Magos-dominus And I want to say right away: he is NOT a HERETIC, just because of the effects of the warp and the psyker abilities that have appeared from this, his energy color and the color of his robe have changed, and will change even if a replacement is carried out. So he himself is not happy about it. Intresting fact: i used 2 new features from mine-imator 2.0.+ Like "Path" for Mechadendrites, and IK for pistons on his claw.
  3. My custom-custom Gun . BTW is it Bolder or Bolter? i can google it but i got 10e4212 matches on LoL download link https://www.mediafire.com/file/3gdn7vfhxp4iggo/MC_Bolter_Rifle.zip/file subcribe to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnxB_rG2oF9Rv8PuH-c0-sQ?view_as=subscriber and follow me on MI forum :Dc
  4. In grim darkness there is only war. And lot's of tough looking dudes in armor running around killing anything that is not human with chainSWORD and Full-Auto Rocket shooting guns. This is Bolter rifle [i wanted to called assault rifle but for sake of fast and short name i am calling it bolter rifle] custom made gun by ME . Dont show this to mechanics or inquisitors . Because advancing imperuim's weapon is heresy ... i hate those guys this gun is less detailed than my L.M.G rig i made Download it here https://www.mediafire.com/file/ojw4svzfbbv7kct/Bolder_Rifle.miobject/file Subscribe me! [i need subscribers to impress Sol] i got master build bolter rifle... it will be uploaded but i got homework to do... you can watch me so you can get notify if i release it sooner or later.
  5. Download Includes: x1 Ultramarine, x1 Imperial Fist, x1 Blood Raven, x1 Chaos Space Marine, x4 Bolter Pistols, x4 Chainswords Download Features: Completely Custom Armor, Movable/Bendable Limbs, Poseable Thrusters, Removable Helmet, Much More Download Link Please Do Not Redistribute Without Credit.
  6. Not my best work but I just had to use my new models Unedited
  7. More Download Includes: One Warhammer 40K Imperial Fist Space Marine, Chainsword, Small Bolter Download Features: Movable Limbs, Movable Chain Teeth, Bendable Body, Removable Helmet Download Link Please do not redistribute without credit.
  8. Download Includes: One W40K Imperial Fist Dreadnought Download Features: Movable Limbs, Bendable Body, Movable Fingers, Rotateable Gatling Gun, Poseable Toes Download Link Please do not redistribute without credit.
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