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Found 4 results

  1. Well, another one out! Btw the guy in the left is @Mr M3m3~Chan, not part of the fam but I decided to add him as an additional character. Enjoy FMF member: @kazooha
  2. Welp... Missed me? Hehe Well, I'm back to cheer your day again >:3 Here another mini episode of TFMCF, like really short. It's quite close to each of these ppl's personalities tbh, specially @kazooha, no offense :v As some of you may know I've been quite busy lately, it's harder for me to sort my time and school is starting soon... So i don't hope to see myself animating new episodes for a period of time, long or short, idk. Well, I just hope you like it as much as I do People from the FMF in this short: @kazooha @Fox Miner @TheToastedIron Me :v c ya weekee! Oh btw, yeah there's a watermark now >:3, made by my beloved @Fox Miner Tysm
  3. Yes, I'm going overboard here with the ideas... I know... but... who can ignore inspiration? This is linked to the one thing I HATE about the forums: Practically almost every single topic, when they disappear out of the 'recent topics' section, they basically become dead topics. (RPs are an exception) So, maybe we could have like a trending topics section, where the 5 most replied-to topics of the day are shown... is this a good idea? Also, maybe we should have a trending users section where again, the 5 most repped-up users of the day are shown...? I dunno, just some suggestions. (I do not know if this can actually be added, or if anyone else suggested this.) Thx for reading!
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