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  1. REYZON V.6 Character Rig ?Disclaimer? Face View Random Configurations Rendered with the "FTP FROST" Lighting Engine Short Bio: Name: Reyzon Kinoshita (also known as, "Reyuki Chan", Rey or"ReyRey") Status: Alive Gender: Female Age: 19 Height: About 5.3 feet tall Wight: 156 lbs / 70.7604 kg Eye Iris Color: Brown (or sometimes gray) Skin Color: White Yellow Hair Color: Dark Brown faction: Allies Ethnicity: Asian Nationality: South KoreaJapan Language: English, Hangul and Japanese ============================================ Random Info: Reyzon watches a fictional 2D animated series called Omniiwarz Reyzon can drive vehicles Reyzon doesn't have a BF Reyzon plays video games Reyzon has five siblings, Yumii, Song, Kyoun, Aki, and Ezon Reyzon mainly consumes Dorayaki for breakfast Reyzon has a somewhat lazy diet, consuming minute noodles and candy every once in a while ============================================ Compairison:
  2. I've already developed Subsurface Scattering in mine imator a long time ago, I just made this video to show the mine imator community what graphical advancements I have accomplished.
  3. Front View Close up Short Bio Age: 19 / 20 (CVX) Birth Place: "somewhere in Asia" Wight: 156 lbs / 70.7604 kg Eye Color: White and gray (or some times brown) Skin Color: White pink Hair Color: crimson brown Blood Color: Red default Hight: 5.6 feet / 67.2 inches miscellaneous
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