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Found 2 results

  1. Im looking for a simple to apply 2.0 compatable mouth rig for my animations, a non square mouth that attaches at 2 points on the side, not 4. hopefully something that is a aplpha rig, as to not have to change the lip texture for every character i use it on.
  2. (This is my first good Steve rig!) (AND THIS IS NOT AWESOME SHAHS) QUICK UPDATE: I will be optimizing this for 1.0.0 soon, without fingers. Sorry for the inconvenience. BUT... IT SHALL BE AMAZING! UPDATE: V.1.0 -Added a better feeling to it -More advanced -Complete remodel UPDATE: V.1.0.2 -Added .zip files -Different Mouth Color -Tongue UPDATE: V. 1.0.201 -Added support for 2 pix by 2 pix eyes. -New mouth + tongue color. UPDATE: V. 2.0 The biggest update yet! -Smooth mouth -new eyes -smoother interface -easy to use -New mouth and tongue color UPDATE: V. 3.0 Yay! Fingers! -Fingers -Smoother Mouth -Better than 2.0 ( ) UPDATE: V. 3.1.0 -Soon will have support for 1.0.0. -New mouth & tongue color. -Smoother mouth. UPDATE: V. 4.0.0 The update that changed the world... THE 1.0.0 UPDATE! YEAH! -Better mouth -New Face Mesh -New Mouth Color -A bunch of other stuff. -(some bugs ) UPDATE: V. 5.0 ZOMG 4 REALSIES? -Everything all the other rigs have, but better. Well, might as well tell you the story behind this rig. YAH STORY TIME The main reason I started making this rig is because of Snivy. He was my first inspiration to make this rig. Then, I looked at Zuexs' rig. That's where the real magic happend. It was amazing. Then, I started working on V. 1.0, the better one. It was amazing through my eyes. I thought it was the best! Then, I had to make a new rig, because I got a new computer, and I lost my older files. So I remade it. In only 2 hours. WOO! I based this rig off of AwesomeShah's and Zuexs'. Banner: -=None=- Screenshots: Features: 3D Hair Teeth Eyebrows Pupils 3D face Smooth mouth Fingers (Not yet ) How to use: You have to re-size the teeth and lips to create smiles and closed mouths (currently) Wishlist: Fingers Smooth Mouth Fixed Eyelids Pre-Sized eyelids, lips and teeth Eye-sockets Videos that use this rig: A quick message: I will be compressing this into a zip file in a bit, so it will be easier to access. <----- Click this picture to download! REMEMBER TO SMACK DAT +1 BUTTON!
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