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  1. This render will be ONE OF the last images I've rendered using MI Pre-release 1
  2. Description: Grit turns into "Baller" from a Roblox game.
  3. Hey Grit can you stop staring at me like that, your about to give me an anxiety attack.
  4. Gritsuki entering Gritsuki Exiting Ah man, it's schoolgirl Grit, never thought this would have happened BTW why is she carrying the mochi
  5. One of the reasons for the creation of the render is to have it hung on the wall like a picture in an animation
  6. All of this pink everywhere is making me sick to meh bloody stomach
  7. Grit may be flexing her Glock 42 but little does she know, that Glock... IS JUST AN AIRSOFT REPLICA! Conclusion: You really can't see it but the textures on the Glock are currently broken. As you can see I tried to do something different and used a 2-Dimensional (2D) mouth rig, I think it looks alright.
  8. Use the link if the images are not visable: https://imgur.com/a/ujbY9hT I'm most likely not going to upgrade Grit's facial appearance anytime soon, she's starting to look like a dang anime girl! (I didn't intend for this) BTW i'm using this same hood design for the Squidgame guards. (without the ears of course)
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