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  1. Level 0 This almost looks real for some reason I am very impressed by this, it only took me approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes to complete, although it is not yet complete. It is strange that the camera moves in such a way that it appears to be controlled by a robotic system rather than a human.
  2. Due to the amount of reflective surfaces eating my PC's RAM and crashing, i couldn't render this in 4K
  3. SAMMY V.5 Character Rig ?Disclaimer? FULL BODY VIEW Face View Casual Configurations Crypto Crew: AEK Uniform Configurations Rendered with the "FTP FROST" Lighting Engine Short Bio: Name: "Sammy". Nova. Kollins Status: Alive Gender: Female Age: 18 Height: About 5.2 feet tall Wight: 151 lbs / 68.4924 kg Eye Iris Color: Brown (or sometimes gray) Skin Color: Orange tinted Whiteish Yellow Hair Color: Dark Purple faction: Allies Ethnicity: Caucasian/Asian mix Nationality: United States Language: English ============================================ Chum vs Chum Compairison: (2020) (2022) ?Test Render?
  4. WEAPONS LWRC-45, M24 SWS, M24 PDW, SAWED-OFF 12G Shorty, SAWED-OFF 12G "DaBaby", GLOCK-19X, GLOCK-19gen5, GLOCK-42, GLOCK-42 (Grit's Sidearm)
  5. I disabled reflections for this render because it looked bad Glamrock Freddy rig by: @Bonnie animation
  6. This render crashed my PC three times when I rendered it in 4K, and the Png file would always show up as a black screen, so i'm rendering it in 720p REZ. Balls Robert 05 Dave 09 Dave 05
  7. This video features ALL of my animations of 2021, which includes animations from my main channel and FOXY TOONS Productions, and also this video took about 3 days to complete, I had to lose sleep so I could work on this! SHEESH! Also... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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