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Found 25 results

  1. Voxhel G.H.O.S.T Spec Ops Uniform Reyzon ROK/KR SWAT "귀신 경비원" (Ghost Guard) The Fictional Company's of AEK (This is only here for realism and world-building) Credits The LWRC SMG, Model 870, Wrist watch, and the Glock 19 Gen5 were made by me. Vest, helmet, and headphones by@Piegon99 SIG MCX Assault Rifle by@PhiliP
  2. AEK Rendering Engine The "AEK Rendering Engine", is optimized in a way in which it tries to simulate the visual appearance of an FPS game, like Battlefield or Call of Duty. This engine has been planned to be used for the production of the Crypto Crew: AEK series. Currently, AEK Engine is only an alpha test, plus this thing crashes during the rendering process (time to get that Alienware). "We" want the metal to look like metal, "we" want the blood to look like blood, "we" want the flying broken glass to reflect in the air... and "we" want dat pee to look nice pee-ish. wtf? -FTP
  3. WEAPONS LWRC-45, M24 SWS, M24 PDW, SAWED-OFF 12G Shorty, SAWED-OFF 12G "DaBaby", GLOCK-19X, GLOCK-19gen5, GLOCK-42, GLOCK-42 (Grit's Sidearm)
  4. This render crashed my PC three times when I rendered it in 4K, and the Png file would always show up as a black screen, so i'm rendering it in 720p REZ. Balls Robert 05 Dave 09 Dave 05
  5. This video features ALL of my animations of 2021, which includes animations from my main channel and FOXY TOONS Productions, and also this video took about 3 days to complete, I had to lose sleep so I could work on this! SHEESH! Also... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  6. I tried to make the lighting look like Battlefield 3's FrostBite Engine
  7. Short Bio Gender: Male Code Name: SK9 Full Name: ______ Spectrum _________ Nationality: Birth Place: United Kingdom Team(s): AEK, SAS Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: Brown Hair Color: Dark brown Blood Color: Red default Hight: 5'11" feet Weight: 167 lbs.
  8. I made this manly so I can test out the hands, and see how my new human models go up against exo-accessories.
  9. Here's a more stylized version This is basically like a, teaser image or something
  10. Front View Close up Short Bio Age: 19 / 20 (CVX) Birth Place: "somewhere in Asia" Wight: 156 lbs / 70.7604 kg Eye Color: White and gray (or some times brown) Skin Color: White pink Hair Color: crimson brown Blood Color: Red default Hight: 5.6 feet / 67.2 inches miscellaneous
  11. I have remade DRX59 (one of my OC's) in Modelbench. When he was first created years ago on my old small cheap IVIEW laptop, I made him in MI, and also, now DRX59.V4 can wear clothing now since I gave him 'bends' so they can manipulate the outer mesh. Old Chum (Old DRX59)
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