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Found 12 results

  1. I tried to make the lighting look like Battlefield 3's FrostBite Engine
  2. Short Bio Gender: Male Code Name: SK9 Full Name: ______ Spectrum _________ Nationality: Birth Place: United Kingdom Team(s): AEK, SAS Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: Brown Hair Color: Dark brown Blood Color: Red default Hight: 5'11" feet Weight: 167 lbs.
  3. I made this manly so I can test out the hands, and see how my new human models go up against exo-accessories.
  4. Here's a more stylized version This is basically like a, teaser image or something
  5. Front View Close up Short Bio Age: 19 / 20 (CVX) Birth Place: "somewhere in Asia" Wight: 156 lbs / 70.7604 kg Eye Color: White and gray (or some times brown) Skin Color: White pink Hair Color: crimson brown Blood Color: Red default Hight: 5.6 feet / 67.2 inches miscellaneous
  6. I have remade DRX59 (one of my OC's) in Modelbench. When he was first created years ago on my old small cheap IVIEW laptop, I made him in MI, and also, now DRX59.V4 can wear clothing now since I gave him 'bends' so they can manipulate the outer mesh. Old Chum (Old DRX59)
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