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  2. Hi everyone my name is amy and i i'm new to animating and 'm going to try to do my best at first i was kinda shy then i was a little scared but i can make wallpapers and channel art but right now i'm kinda busy with school so i will not be on most of the time but i hope you understand two. i'm 14 english and i love to make new friends and i love everyone in the world and i have a Youtube channel and my favorite color is blue and that is it for now bye!!!
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  4. "From that day on I was going somewhere, I was runnang!"


  5. Can you make my rig with ears? my skin is in my sig.
  6. Just check the tags under the title xP the dog is Colin
  7. Can you make me an Implacida?
  8. me before:

    hey anyone want some milk?

    me now:

    hey anyone want some poms or whatever it's called, that soft drink that tastes like apple and that looks like champaigne?

  9. Hiding things under shadows could be a pretty cool thing. It could kinda make people able to imitate the normal map effect using a custom texture on a surface, making it repeat, and enabling the hide under shadows thing. I don't think it'd be that useful but it would be kinda cool to experiment with.
  10. Wait, that's illager (oh god i make the most terrible puns in the world)
  11. Do you really think anyone is gonna use any other vehicle than the tractor? Sheesh.
  12. I would hate to be an 1960's Dalek stuck there.
  13. What is this... 


    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      raytraced PBR motion capture rendered video? illegal

  14. New link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I9tAH1wSJtXfv0ArbNDfAqqWtraS9yy_
  15. Can you make a realistic human rig for me with only surfaces?
  16. Friend gave me a copy of space cadet 3D pinball. I'm addicted. This was my childhood xD. Never thought I'd play it again!

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      cadets, jump in the ball to uh get in a totally not spinny trip!

  17. Mine-Imator devs: We improved the film grain quality!

    Most people: YAY!

    Mine-Imator devs: unknown.png


    Jakes: Why is it interpolated?

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    2. Jake_28
    3. Nimi


      There was a lot more changed with it under the hood, previously the grain was done with a randomness function in a shader, through that resulted in completely random horizontal artifacts.(I can't seem to recreate it on my own PC, though you can see it in some other renders if you look around that use the effect.), so I had to make the noise generation be done outside of a shader and then pass it in.(Explains why it's slower.) It's also blurred because film grain isn't sharp.

    4. Jake_28
  18. Can you make a buster sword from FF7
  19. im mean review But really im dying inside for @Cubic Ralsei Comment in my topic.
  20. Does anyone else sometimes feel sad when a Minecraft update finally releases because then the snapshots and pre-releases stop and your life becomes bland and boring until snapshots for the next update start?

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    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      i already wanna kill myself because of 1.14 because forge and optifine and shaders

    3. Ethanial


      I kinda wish theyd only gave certain people access to the snapshots.

    4. Cubic Ralsei
  21. can you make a photorealistic despacito spider rig
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